Sunday, June 13, 2010

Encounters Arranged by God

     There were around 600 booths at the Convention in an absolutely massive warehouse-type room.  We were in booth 230.  The coldest spot in the building. Frigid!  The air conditioner poured freezing air on our heads the entire three days.  I was not dressed for frigid.  I brought sleeveless shirts, capris and one thin sweater.  Standing on concrete for over 26 hours with arctic air swirling around our heads was not my definition of fun.  One other booth tried to claim that THEY had the coldest spot but I can say unequivocably that they didn't even come close.  Their booth was toasty compared to ours. Sauna temperature!   Brr...  Next year I will take an eskimo coat and ear muffs!

     Despite the frigid temperatures, we had a great weekend and the encounters arranged by God over the three days are beyond words.  Again and again I was blessed.  I'm convinced that half the Homeschooling children in the state of Virginia are adopted!  I lost count of how many people shared their adoption stories with us and gave me words of encouragement.  Aaron's bucket was blessed again and again. We passed out pictures of Aaron, begging prayers for him from a multitude of Godly saints!  Worth the cold!

     The neatest encounter was at the end of the last day.  It was when I left our booth to go test the frigid air of our frigid air competitors.  I was only gone a few minutes.  Two dear people walked by our booth while I was gone and stopped short.  They recognized Aaron.  Not from Reece's Rainbow, but because they follow our blog.  I've never met them but they are dear to my hearts.  Last year they brought the most beautiful babies home from Ethiopia. CALEB AND EDEN.  I followed their journey.  NOT because I was going to adopt.  Not for us!  This sweet couple was friends with another friend who was adopting and I stumbled upon THEIR blog while following the journey to KATYA.  I was a follower of blogs last summer.  (Three actually - I also followed ISABEL'S story).  But we were NOT going to adopt internationally.  I fell in the love with the children - cried, praying, cheered and marveled.  But it was definitely NOT for us.  International adoption - NO WAY! Domestic maybe but NOT international.  Especially NOT to Aaron's country!!

    God had other plans.  Through those three main blogs and the Holy Spirit whisperings and other encounters - when Aaron's picture flashed on the screen in front of my eyes back in December - our hearts were prepared and ... well... the rest is history. 

    In January, I wanted the blog writers to know that their adoptions were used by God in a mighty way.  One more little orphan will soon be home because of THEIR journeys.  I contacted them.   All three dear families have been praying for us ever since as we prayed for them. 

    On Saturday I met Caleb and Eden's parents.  A 'chance encounter'.  Thousands of people at a Convention.  Hundreds of booths.  They see Aaron.  We hugged, cried, shared, cried and hugged some more.  God stuns me.  I could feel His pleasure as He brought together two families on Saturday afternoon.  Heaven was laughing.  The family that said NO WAY to international adoption meets the family that helped move their stubborn hearts.  Amazing!



  1. Don't you love those kind of encounters? Today we had a new family visiting our church. As we talked with them, we found out that the wife did a missions trip to the orphanages in Odessa! It was in 2007, before Darya was even born. But it just occurred to me that Aaron may have been there when she was there (though she mostly saw the older children and he would have still been little.) She said she has a photo album, so if/when I see it I'll keep my eyes peeled!

  2. Julia,

    I walked away from chatting with you yesterday telling my wife: "THAT is the picture of an awesome Mom for boys."

    What an incredible blessing to have met you, and to know that this ol' blog (which I pestered my wife to write for months) made a difference.

    I mean, not ONLY am I glad that I get to poke my wife in the ribs and snicker "I told you so" (constantly), but wow--what an enormous blessing that our small story could be a spark to your incredible story.

    Aaron rocks. Can't wait to watch him come home...and to meet him some day.

    God is so kind.

    -Caleb & Eden's Daddy ;)

  3. Julia,

    Yesterday, not-so-ironically, was BOTH Eden & Caleb and Katya's dedication at our church. Us parents dedicated our no-longer-orphans to the Lord ... and it struck me how each of us were unsuspectingly led down this path of adoption.

    And now here you are too :)

    Your heart for your son brings tears to my eyes. That child has made an imprint on my heart ...and so has his mamma's love for him.

    Nice to finally meet you :),

  4. That's awesome! And I'm so happy to know that our journey to Isabel helped inspire you to pursue Aaron. How the Lord works really is amazing, and we are still praying and believing with you as He leads you all the way to your son! Blessings!

    Isabel's Mommy


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