Saturday, June 12, 2010

I didn't disappear...

For all you faithful readers who wondered where I disappeared after my last post... I'm still alive.  I am in Richmond at a Homeschooling Convention.  I've been standing on hard concrete for the last three days and talking to tons of people about our curriculum and Aaron.  I'm a bit exhausted but have been so blessed by so many people who have offered words of encouragement and promises to lift Aaron up to the King of Kings!!

 Our hotel has internet but only in the lobby and so I have barely even been able to check e-mails.  Warms my heart to get e-mails from people wondering what happened to me... Thank you to so many for the encouraging e-mails and posts.  I am amazed at how God continues to meet our needs. 

Tonight I am going to meet two very special angels.  Their story is here....HAILEE AND HARPER....  For all the Reece's Rainbow families who read this blog and know Hailee and Harper.... They are now living an hour from us and only 10 minutes from where I am right now.   Seeing them is by far going to be the highlight of my week!  

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