Wednesday, July 14, 2010


     We are leaving at 3:00 am for Aaron’s region. It was affirmed to us again that NO ONE has adopted from this area. They don’t even know where the village is where Aaron’s institute is located. Our facilitator will be riding with us and staying with us to walk us through this process. You can pray for her because she is dealing with me (basket case number one). We do not know if we will have internet access in this region. We are going to try our hardest to find a way to stay connected. It makes us feel a bit vulnerable and definitely unsteady on our feet. We have been reassured that we will meet Aaron tomorrow. We can’t ask it enough - please pray for us…


  1. Praying! You have been on my mind a lot these past few days, I am praying often!

  2. The Lord will not abandon you. We will hold you in our prayers.

    It is a very alone feeling when you go to region.
    Hopefully there will be somebody you can converse with and you can find an internet cafe" maybe.
    We had to stay about 40 minutes from our daughter's orphanage because the village was remote and there was nothing there. In that little village were 3 orphanages (which I suspect many of the residents worked at)

    We also visited a little village close to Russia on our last missions trip where no American had ever been. It was so weird. They were still using ox carts to hall hay. The most beautiful gardens of cabbage and veges I had ever seen were there, and everybody had an outhouse, located really close to the water well. :)

    They spoke a dialect all to themselves. Most of the poeple there had never been to a larger town. Hardly any owned a car. The man next door was born in the house he lived in, and he was in his 90s.
    The barn that had fallen down was a treasure trove of history. Old busts of Lenin, with that famous frown. :)

    I hope you don't feel too isolated.

  3. I've been praying for Aaron since I first saw his picture. I'm so glad that you will be giving him a home! I will be praying for you as you go to get him. God is with you. He will take of this situation. So keep us all posted if you can!!

  4. Praying!!!! Can't wait to see him in your arms!

    God bless,
    Amy <><

  5. in constant prayer for you and for aaron's heart...

  6. We are definitely praying that things go smoothly tomorrow and that you find Aaron well and happy!

  7. YES!!!! Praying here. Lord, prepare the WAY. This is your GOSPEL advancing. Protect this family who are now serving as your hands and feet. You are now on your way! Can't wait to meet this angel.

  8. It is on thirty in the morning. and I am up checking your blog and praying for you. Whether you are able to read this or not, I have lifted your journey up to God in the name of Love and conquering the unknown...remember, it is only unknown to you. God has it all fixed up and working to his plan no matter what. Cathy

  9. Julia,

    Praying the deep peace of God over you as you go. Oh I can't wait to hear about when your eyes first meet his and you get to wrap your arms around him!!!!

  10. Praying, praying, praying! Your post brings back so many emotions. Can't wait to hear an update!

  11. God bless!

    Aunt Jewel

    God bless! Aunt Jewel


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