Thursday, July 15, 2010

Aaron Meets His Family!

We have wonderful news for everyone who has been keeping up with the Nalles' journey to bring Aaron home. But first, an explanation:

Rob, Julia and Elijah have made it safely to Aaron's region, but they are without internet access. The town is primitive. There are no restaurants and no hotels in the area, but the three of them and their facilitator were offered two rooms in an elderly woman's home. Ben and I used Skype to call Julia's phone earlier this morning and she excitedly informed us about their first encounter with Aaron (we made sure to take down all of her thoughts and observations). Until the family can re-access the internet on TUESDAY, we will be updating the blog on their behalf.

(I'm Spencer, a cousin of Ben's. My father and Rob are brothers. I wish that Julia could be bringing you all this news, and I know she does, too, but I'm happy to serve her and the rest of her family as they go through the final stages of the adoption process.)

On to that good news!

The institute where Aaron currently lives is VERY NICE, which Julia said was, "A real answer to prayer." The nurses care about the children, and have reacted positively to the adoption. Aaron was fearful and a little upset at the prospect of seeing his new family, but after he was coaxed into meeting them, he warmed up quickly, to Rob in particular.

Aaron has the bluest eyes and the most beautiful laugh. Julia says, "Pictures are on the way." He isn't as skinny as she had anticipated; he is happy and healthy, tall, very solid, and strong. He loves to talk, and although he doesn't know much, he's very smart. He smiles constantly. All he wants to do is play. Although he's one of the youngest children at the institute, the nurses say he's very bossy! "He's going to run our lives," Julia said, laughing.

Families usually get five or ten meager minutes with their adoptees, but Rob, Julia and Elijah got two hours with Aaron! At one point during their visit they had to step out for a short time, and when they returned, Aaron came running up to them with a smile on his face. Praise God. They played ball together and Aaron sat quietly on Rob's lap as his new dad read him a book.

Aaron has almost no use of his hands, but he has adapted and is one of the highest functioning kids at the institute. His abdomen and his legs are very strong. He walks on his toes, which Julia says are as dextrous as our fingers. He can kick a ball farther than you would believe. He's especially curious; during their visit, Aaron would get very excited every time a truck drove by, hidden from sight by a fence. Julia says he's going to "go nuts" once he's out in the world.

On this blog, comments must be moderated and approved before they appear underneath each entry. This morning, Ben read over a dozen new comments to his mother over the phone, and she interjected with laughter and amens. Please know that your messages provide precious encouragement to this family, and that if they don't show up right away, that means Julia will soon hear them.

Please remain in prayer for the Nalles, and for Aaron, who will soon be one of them!


  1. AWESOME!!! Sounds like Aaron is going to be a great son! I can't wait to see that handsome little man!

    ~RR Mom to Daisy, Home from Ukraine in August 09

  2. Dear Julia, Rob and family,
    Yay! We are so happy for you and Aaron. What a relief to hear that the place he is in is nice. Definitely an answer to lots of prayers. We will be praying for the rest of your trip to go well.

    The Lococos

  3. Yay! congratulations! I have tears in my eyes! What a wonderful day for them all... congratulations!

  4. AHHHHHHHHHHH! Julia!!! YOU MET HIM! and he's bossy! haha I love it. Love you guys so much. Hi ben (since you're probably reading these to your mom) I cannot wait to see photos. I've been waiting all day freaking out. Deep Breath Molly. Phew. YAY.

  5. Oh, what wonderful, wonderful news!!! What an incredible answer to prayer! God is SOOO Good! I'm in tears just thinking about His faithfulness, but also about wonderful it is that you FINALLY got to meet him after so many long months of waiting and praying. Praise God! That is great he is SO healthy too. Wow!

    I'm going to email Sarah the news, as they don't have enough internet minutes to check blogs. She'll be thrilled!

  6. THANK GOD!! I can't wait to see pics!! Hang in there guys!

  7. YES!!! Spencer, you're awesome for doing this! I've been waiting on pins and needles for news, and knowing that Rob and Julia might not have internet access, I was wondering how long we would have to wait. So thanks for standing in the technological gap!

    Rob, Julia and Elijah: praise the Lord! I'm SO excited to read about these beautifully answered prayers for your first meeting with Aaron. What grace! I love picturing Aaron on Rob's lap--seeing that must have done a number on your heart, Aunt Julia.

    Please keep the news coming as possible. We're eating it up!

    All my love,

  8. I am in tears of joy for you my friends! Today I specifically prayed that you would NOT see anything that would break your hearts to know. PRAISE GOD! An amazing few weeks are in store for you, and a lifetime to love on your boy, and his brothers to love on him too. He will know the joy of REAL family, and unconditional love. Now, I must go wipe my tears!

  9. Hello Julia,

    I'm so pleased to receive worrd that you have met Aaron. We're praying for you everyday. Here is the prayer for you and your family today:

    O Lord Jesu Christ, who didst take little children into thine arms, and bless them. Bless we beseech thee, the children of this family, and especially Aaron, grant that they may grow up in thy fear and love; give unto them day by day thy strength and guidance, that so they may continue in thy love and service unto their lifes' end. Grant this, O blessed Saviour, for thine own Name's sake. Amen.

    and for you, Rob and Elijah...O God who art present in every place; We pray thee to protect with thy loving care Rob, Julia and Elijah. Let thy fatherly hand direct them; prosper them in thy way; grant them daily strength for their daily needs; and inspire in them an unwavering faith in thee, that they may live always to thy honour and glory through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

    I'm so excited for you :) And I will remain glued for further word...

    Kim from Canada :)

  10. Oh Julia and Rob!
    I am weeping with gratitude and praise to God!
    What wonderful kindness and mercy He has shown you and all of us in this meeting. I had been praying and hoping that this unknown facility would actually mean good things and more favor. I can't wait to tell Don and Lena. How we rejoice with you.

    I talked with Mom this morning and she had been praying all through the night for you.

    We wait with baited breath to hear what happens next!

    Much love,


  11. Wonderful news! We're so happy he seems so well and he's so strong. This sounds like quite the journey!

  12. we prayed for Aaron, this makes me so so soooooo happy :) :)

  13. praise god!! so happy so many of your prayers have been answered.
    Can not wait to see photos!!!
    good luck!

  14. You are reaping what you have sown- as you trusted the Lord and enlisted an army of prayer warriors, you are reaping the benefits of that preparation!! The prayers of the righteous availeth much!!! Can't wait to see pictures!!!

  15. Yay! Yay! Yay!!!! I had to work a 12 hour shift today and I rushed home to see if you all got to meet him and I am so happy that everything is okay. Thank Goodness that the place that he is at is so nice and he has been cared and loved for!!! So happy for you guys and PRAISE GOD!!!Grab his suitcase and get out of there!


  16. So exciting! Praise the Lord for a such a great report!

  17. Thanks for the update, Spencer! I check a couple of times a day to see what is going on. I'm so glad that he is in a good place, and that he is healthy and happy! I'll be praying daily for all of you.

  18. My lovely friend Sarah has little use of her hands and does everything(crochets!) with her toes! My Sophie (with amc) has made HUGE strides in functionality just being home and having some freedom to move! I cant wait to see Aaron grow and learn! -mom to two kids with arthrogryposis!

  19. Oh my gosh I could not be happier for you! I am so excited that your journey is turning into such a beautiful adventure. My heart sings with you and for you...Oh man I see a virginia beach rendesvous in the future for us. I cannot wait to hear even more. What a great story you are cast in. Wow! Much love and hugs from SC, Cathy ps will be submitted next thursday....another amazing wow, thanks to you:)

  20. We are rejoicing with you and so anxious to hear more!

  21. Oh Julia,
    I had so much joy in reading this post; I can almost imagine myself there (though you are a "far piece" from Ethiopia where we had our similar experience). God is so good. I'm so, so glad that you will soon have that precious boy home with you.

  22. I love this description ...every word! Praise God for bringing Aaron into this amazing family!

  23. Praising God for this good news! Prayers are being answered all around! And thank you, Spencer, for keeping us updated! This is WONDERFUL!!!! Charlotte A.

  24. Hey Spencer,
    You're doing a great job as blog moderator! Keep up the great work!
    Love you,

  25. YES! Thank you, LORD! So excited and continuing to pray.

  26. Praise God! What a blessing and a miracle! So happy for you guys!

    Christa in NC

  27. Julia and all- I'm wiping tears reading your latest post. Thank you, Jesus, that you are finally united with Aaron! -Kirsten


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