Friday, July 16, 2010

Two More Visits and One Big Prayer Request

Before I get into today's update, a quick correction to yesterday's:

When Aaron was five, he was moved from an orphanage to the institute where he currently lives. This was because of his disability, not because he was considered high functioning. Nevertheless, the institute is very nice, and Aaron, despite having very little use of his arms, is able to do all sorts of things, even draw! More on that in a bit.

The woman who provided Rob, Julia and Elijah with a place to stay has been cooking for them, as well. Last night they had ham and potato soup, and she's planning on making something new tonight (Aunt Julia enunciated it for me, but I don't want to attempt to spell it). With no restaurants in town, this eighty year old woman's hospitality is certainly a blessing. She knows a little German, so she and Julia can exchange pleasantries. Rob is learning Russian, too; hopefully they will be able to converse soon, as their translator is no longer with them (and will not return until Tuesday).

When Ben and I made our first call this morning, the Nalles were on the road to the institute for the second time today. They had already seen Aaron once, but he was distant towards and even scared of them during that first visit. He did not want to be touched or sit in Rob's lap. He had a hard time focusing because there were many other children around. Julia described the morning as, "rough, hot, and very confusing." Near the end of that first visit, she watched as Aaron grasped a stick between his toes and used it to draw in the sandbox. He became much more animated as he demonstrated this ability, but shortly afterwards it was time to go.

We were relieved to hear (upon making another call two hours later) that Aaron was friendlier during their second time together. The other children weren't present for this visit, so he was able to devote more attention to Rob, Julia and Elijah. They brought a Magna Doodle (if you don't recognize the name, you'll recognize the product after a Google image search) and, just as he had with the stick, Aaron grasped the magnetic pen between his toes and drew on the board with the same precision our hands afford us. He listened as several books were read to him, and (though it was very hard for him) even turned a few pages, smiling each time he managed it. What great news, to learn that he has even an ounce of control in his arms!

Aaron can not catch himself when he falls, and has acquired some nasty scrapes and bruises. Three times today his new family witnessed him hit the cement, face first, and although he would cry with frustration, he quickly mastered himself as though this was standard procedure. He is not accustomed to being hugged and loved after these falls. Hopefully that will change in the days ahead.


Before Aaron can come home, he has to indicate that he wants Julia and Rob to be his new mother and father. Aaron's reaction to today's morning visit inspired some nervousness on their part. Much of the success of this mission lies in the hands of a boy not even six years old. Please, please pray that the Lord will work in his heart, and in the hearts of the Nalles, as well. Father, give them patience and the real peace that comes only from trusting in You. "And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose."

Julia expressed a strong feeling of homesickness during our second conversation. Again, their translator is gone and will not return until Tuesday, so they are alone in a village where no one speaks any English.  She has given me permission to post her phone number on the blog so that her readers (other Reece's Rainbow families in particular) can contact her via Skype. It's free for her, but they charge the initiator by the minute. If you have questions about putting funds in your account, feel free to include them in your comments, but Google might be the better instructor, here.

+38 050 819 2894

When you put the number into Skype, omit the spaces. The phone will not ring; instead, a woman will come on and speak to you in Russian until Julia picks up. She (Julia, not the Russian woman) will be thrilled to hear from you.

Thank you all for your comments and PRAYERS! Please keep Aaron's role in the adoption in mind when you go to God today, tomorrow and until he is home safe.


  1. Oh man. I am SOOO sad the translator was not there.
    It is QUITE possible, that despite the "nice place" he is in, he has been told some untruths.

    We had the very same thing happen with our Erika. She was exited to see us, and then on the 3rd visit, she was shaking when we came in. I told our translator, something is wrong. Our translator was so good with her. We all went outside, and our daughter was reassured she could say anything freely.
    She had been told that we really didn't have her best friend. That we were there to take her to America and then we would have her killed for her body parts. We were murderers and we would abuse her etc.

    The poor baby, barely 8 years old was terrified. She didn't know who to trust.

    Our daughter has arthroryposis, you have permission to take any pictures of her off of our blog to your computer so you can show them to him.

    Just search "Erika".

    I hope this is not the case, but my gut says it is, and there is no way for you to know until the translator gets back. This is the famous Ukrainian, urban legend. ugh.

    Our daughter after talking with us and the translator made a conscious decision to trust us.
    And she was able to verbalize that she wanted to go with us.

    She remembers that incident and says, "I'm so glad I went!"

    We will pray.

  2. Dear Julia and family,
    I am reading your blogs today, catching up on them, and I am praying for you and for Aaron and this transistion. Its scary to put seemingly all of this into the hands of a child who is experiencing so many emotions right now. I am trusting a great and mighty God to help this child be able to feel the love that you have so generously poured out to him without him even knowing about it. I pray for you as you are away from familiar sorroundings and that you will not fear anything. God has shown us wonderful things already with your adoption process. Hold on to all of that and continue on in faith. Thank God another child that had no hope can now be rescued! We look forward to your updates and stretch our hands out to you in prayer that you will feel HIS presence! Jesus loves this!
    In HIM,
    Melody Wright Va.

  3. Prayers coming!!! Please keep us posted. Things sound very promising on subsequent visits, but I certainly understand. That must be horribly scary for this little guy, but God will move in him so he is comforted and realizes this is the BEST thing that could happen in his life.

  4. Julia, you get such a great adventure. Who else gets to stay in a tiny village with an 80 year old woman? You get a son and a babushka (grandma) on this trip. Bonus!

  5. What a terrible rule that Aaron has to choose whether to go or stay! Please don't be too discouraged. You had 2 visits, and one went well, and it was the second one. He is getting more used to you. I can understand your homesickness. Being in a place for days without your translator is going to be a challenge, if nothing else! I have prayed for a sense of peace for all of you. Jesus promised it, and He will always keep his promises. You've got time to work with your boy. We're all praying!

  6. How thrilling that you are getting to know your boy! I'm praying and praying for you in this process. I can only imagine the cultural stresses you are facing. Language and culture differences can be so stressful, especially with no translator and without living space of your own! I'll pray for easy adjustment in that area.
    And for Aaron...I'm praying that he will fall so much in love with his new family that he will eagerly await his new life.
    Praying with tears of joy!

  7. Hang in there sister....give him some time to get to know you! He has had so much change in these last few months. Just let your love for each other, for God, and for HIM shine through in every moment you are with him. Remember, he is not cognitively delayed like most of our other waiting children, so he much more keenly understands and is aware of the loss he has suffered his whole life, even if he can't really put that into words. We're all here with you!!! This is truly a mission for you guys...out in the middle of nowehre witnessing to this child and these people.

  8. Hey guys,
    Keep the faith! It must be just overwhelming for Aaron meeting his new family for the first time. I know things will work out.
    Love you and keep safe!

  9. Let them know we are praying for them, thank you for the updates.


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