Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Prayer requests...

     Please, Dear Friends, please pray. 

We found out some possible major roadblocks in the way of this adoption.  In this country, a jury is seated for a year and the list of jurors has to be approved before court can be convened.  It is July and the list of jurors for this year has NEVER BEEN APPROVED.  This means that there are no jurors to sit in court.  For an adoption, they need at least two jurors to sit in court.  That is one MAJOR problem.  The other BIG issue is that the judge is sick and will not be doing any paperwork until he is better.  We have NO IDEA how sick he is and when he will be able to do our paperwork.  As of next Tuesday, all the paperwork should be signed and ready for court.  We are not sure if the papers have been signed today that Aaron wants to be with us - that seems to be a separate issue but the orphanage director wants us to adopt him and that has major bearing.  Regardless - if we file to have court in another area, we still need the judge to do his part of the paperwork so everything is tied together.  Our facilitator and her boss (Serge) are working the phones and meeting with officials today to try to figure out what can be done to get around the issue.  We ask for prayers.  As you read this please pray.  Hopefully we will have a good idea tonight what has transpired today.  We are so helpless through this process.

Though this all sounds confusing - it is not confusing to the One who has called us to walk this path.  We ask that you storm heaven for our little guy and the crazy paperwork that must be done in order for us to bring him home.



  1. Thinking of you. I promise you will look back and appreciate all the little bumps in the road. Think of it as your labor pains :) Praying for you. Your RR family (you are there and we are with you in spirit).

  2. Praying for God to work out all of the details in a beautiful way that brings Him much glory! Praying that it would all happen quickly and easily. Praying for peace (and some cool air) while you wait!

    So glad to hear that Aaron is doing well and delighting you with his laughter. I can just imagine that he has a wonderful laugh to go with his amazing smile!!!

    Hugs to you!

  3. Julia, I just saw your post on RR about living with a peasant! Wow! I'm almost speechless! What commitment! I know Aaron is worth it, though.

    I will be praying about the jury situation. What a crazy thing to have happened. Like you said, however, God is neither surprised nor confused by the situation and He has it well in hand. His hand! Jill Spicer from RR

  4. I have prayed for you this morning.

  5. Praying! For speed, for healthy judges, competant jurors, Aaron's peace, and your whole family's comfort.

  6. Praying!!! And thanking God for your courage and obedience to His calling to save Aaron!

  7. praying it all comes together in time for you all!!
    We had to wait as well for jury to be seated, but that was back in March. Amazing that they get away with this! Must not have much crime there.
    Praying it happens soon.


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