Tuesday, July 20, 2010

No pictures

Ugh!  We can't post pictures.  Our facilitator, Luda, came back late last night and brought a modem but alas, it doesn't work in this area (surprise, surprise).  That was what we have been waiting for in terms of internet.  Stumbling upon this internet cafe last night was definitely a precious find, but because we are using their computers, we don't have any way to upload our pictures.  So you are just going to have to wait to see pictures!  I am SO SORRY! 

I've been told that they are experiencing record breaking heat here.  Let me tell you - it is breaking us.  We are melting.  Our dear landlady told me last night that tomorrow would be cooler.  It is amazing how much you can communicate even if you can't speak the same language.  Speaking louder doesn't help (neither does speaking slower) but if you use hand motions, gestures and throw in some German words once in a while - we actually are able to understand each other.  We clap, laugh and rejoice each time we are able to understand what is being said. 

Elijah is doing remarkably well despite the heat, food and living conditions.  He is twelve years old and has been exposed to much in the last few days.  We knew that when we brought him that he would see things that would shock him.  We were not wrong.  But we believed strongly that it was important for both boys (Ben is coming in 10 days) to experience the good, bad and the ugly of Aaron's world.  It is a world that Aaron has lived ever since he was transferred here last fall.  Though it could be worse (and Praise the Lord it is not worse), it is still hard to observe.  At first Elijah was shocked by Aaron's appearance.  His handicap stood out strongly in his eyes and it, understandably so, upset him.  After only a few times visiting Aaron, Elijah's demeanor has completely changed.  He has stopped seeing the handicap and only sees his brother. 

As always - Thank you for praying for us and for continuing to follow our journey.  We are hoping that today all will go well with the paperwork.  We have tried not to focus on what Aaron needs to do in order for the final paperwork to be signed so that we can have court.  This whole process has been in the Lord's hands from the beginning and we just are trusting that all will be well.  

We have been VERY GRATEFUL for our nephew Spencer and his willingness to translate our experience for you on the blog.  He is studying English in college.... can you tell?? 

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