Monday, July 19, 2010

Quick, Scroll Down!

The Nalles are ONLINE! Scroll down to read Julia's first entry since their arrival in Aaron's village!

As soon as I saw the newest post we gave the family another call on Skype. Ben and I spoke to both Rob and Julia, and they told us about a shop they'd stumbled across that held five desktop computers, internet-enabled and cheap to use. So they're online one day ahead of schedule. Awesome! Everything is in another language, so even though they will try to post pictures tomorrow, it may be slow going on that front. Still, the fact that they are able to connect with their faithful readers is cause for gratitude and celebration.

During our first conversation today (which began just as they were concluding their second visit at the institute), Aunt Julia told us, "Aaron so does not belong here." He continues to charm and amaze his new parents, despite the exhaustion that the heat and mile-long walks to and from the institute force on them. He said his second English word the other day ("Papa"), and he strings sentences together with excitement when he's with them. He can be coy with his affection, however. Please keep praying for him, as the day when he'll have to make that big decision is drawing nearer.

Rob, Julia and Elijah have been to the open air market, and they were met with little success. It's booth after booth after booth, and you can tell there are no foreigners in the area because not one vendor is selling tourist items. Produce, meat, bread, etc could be found in different sections of the market. When they made it to the butcher's room, they studied the meat and did not like what they found. The custom there is to pick up the meat, examine it, slap it down on the counter and, if you don't approve, just walk away. It was mutilated-looking. Understandably, they passed.

They did manage to find a pre-packaged ham that Julia prepared. She said it tasted like corned beef. They've also been eating grilled cheese (sliced cheese is expensive but easy to find) and trail mix (which they brought with them). Elijah found ice cream cones that come in packages, a delicacy which the whole family now enjoys for its availability and deliciousness. 

Cold drinks continue to elude them, so Julia has been sticking water bottles in the freezer (without her landlady's knowledge) as a means of combating the heat. Today Valla caught her doing it, and, unable to imagine why anyone would want a cold beverage, put her finger to her head as if to ask, "Are you crazy?" 

They are not living comfortably, but everyone is being fed and watered. In His goodness, the Lord is watching over this family. Aaron enjoys their company, their facilitator returns tonight, progress is being made on their paperwork, and they have found a way to connect to the people who love and pray for them every day. Thank you, God, for protecting and loving us.


  1. cold water is not considered to be healthy for you. everything is sort of tepid. even the cold stuff is lukewarm.

  2. I have been following your blog. I, too, was instantly attracted to your son and his wonderful, dimpled smile. I am so glad he has found a family! I sent a prayer request to Guidepost's prayer request line for your son to be open to this adoption.

  3. Bleck!! I'm even taking ice cube trays with me to make ice (with bottled water of course) so I can have cold drinks. LOL So glad that things are going smoothly! God is with you and your boy! Praying for you all!!

  4. So glad you found a window to the outside world! :-) We're praying that Aaron's heart will continued to be softened towards you and will gladly say "YES!" to you as parents.

    By the way, Sarah came home today and told me that it is the hottest it's been in Ukraine for the past 130 years! Go figure...


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