Saturday, September 25, 2010

Did You Know?

We write history curriculum.  Julia does the research and initial writing, and Rob does the editing and adds his own flavor and research to the work.  As part of our writing, we insert FASCINATING FACTS to highlight interesting and fun parts of the history we are studying.

Bringing a child out of an institutional setting and into the wide world is an amazing experience, both for him and for us. In these last few days, we have been seeing the world through his eyes, and it is clearly a marvelous place. So today, in honor of one little boy's delight in all things new, we present Aaron's FASCINATING FACTS for your reading pleasure. 

  • Did you know that if you push the switch on the wall, the lights go on and off? Did you know that in our apartment, these switches are set at a perfect height for the elbow of a six year old? Did you know that the bathroom light switch is outside the door, so you can cast the room into utter darkness when someone's inside with the door closed? That's a barrel of laughs!
  • Did you know that fans go around and around when you push their buttons?  Did you know that when their blades turn, you get wind in your face? Did you know that you can turn them on and off, on and off as many times as you like?
  • Did you know that there is a store where you can walk through the aisles and add FOOD to your basket, any kind of food you want?  Did you know that Mama won't put one of every single item into her basket, even when you point at it and give her your cutest smile?

  • Did you know that the zippered pouch on the big suitcase has a whole bunch of candy inside it?  The packages are hard to open, though. Mama says they're for gifts, but she let me have a few anyway.
  • Did you know that car horns go "beep beep"?
  • Did you know that when you are scared, worried or tired that Papa will carry you in his arms if you stand in front of him and give him 'the look?'
  • Did you know that the bathroom has a playpen that you can fill with hot water?  Did you know that it isn't as scary as it seems at first?  Did you know that you can splash that water?  Did you know that Mama has an annoying habit of washing you while you are trying to play in that water?

  • Did you know that McDonald's is nowhere near as good as Mama and Papa said it would be?  French fries taste funny, ketchup is weird and chicken nuggets simply inedible. 
  • Did you know how fun it is to walk the streets with Mama and Papa holding onto your arms?
  • Did you know that trolleys are for riding? Or that when the traffic's heavy, you can walk faster than the trolley can carry you?
  • Did you know that you can't go to bed without Winnie the Pooh beside you?
  • Did you know that standing on an upside down washtub will let you see out of the windows?  Did you know how exciting it is to watch the cars and trucks driving by?
  • Did you know that there are places that have HUNDREDS OF TOYS that would be just right for little boys?  Did you know that these places are so much fun but also a little bit scary?
  • Did you know that sleeping with your head against Mama is the best feeling in the world?  Did you know that Mama thinks so too?
  • Did you know that Mama and Papa have this annoying habit of finding other people at these eating places and talking for hours to them and completely ignoring the center of their universe?  (Last night and today we met Kim Dean adopting Leeza, Wendy Harper adopting Charlie and Levi, the Clarks and Sandra and Marshall adopting Masha and Autumn.)
  • Did you know that the little girl in this picture shares the same "Gotcha Day" as me?  Did you know her name is Alina and she is another Reese's Rainbow girl being adopted by the Clarks and Mama cried when she saw her?  Her brother was also adopted a few years ago.  They are from Ireland.

  • Did you know that Mama can find Americans on the street just  by the look of their clothes and that glazed look in their eyes?  Did you know that these two beautiful kids are also being adopted like me?  Did you know that Mama cried again when we discovered that this family has been following my story?

  • Did you know that crazy animals sometimes approach you when you are quietly enjoying the sights?  Did you know that I did NOT want to have my picture taken with that strange mouse?

  • Did you know that today was a marvelous day?


  1. Oh, i just love that twinkle in his eyes. May God continue to bless all of you.


  3. Loved it! And that's a great picture of the Taylor family!

  4. I find myself crying to when ever I hear the happy ending for one of these childresn. How my heart longs to scoop all the disguared little treasure of this world into my heart. To be an Amy Carmichael for ths day and age.

  5. Awwww! What a lovely post!! I wish we had the time to bum around Kyiv before coming home. So fun to see the world through the eyes of your sweet son. What a strange and wonderful new world!

  6. Oh my,
    yesterday i was worried i maybe had grown a little numb by reading so many way, tears running down my face as i see Aarons smile, Aarons safe sleeping place and as i read about his godmother....PRAISE GOD!!

    Just to let you know, your sons at home are in my prayers too!

    Hope you'll be reunited soon!


  7. Did you know, that you are the most amazing boy that God created, and that there is a whole world full of invisible people who cannot wait to see you get to your new home?????? Did you know we love you?

  8. I did not know that but I am so glad that I do now. Congratulations

  9. What wonderful memories.

    And, do you know... how thrilled I am for Aaron that he finally gets to know what a short-sleeved shirt feels like on a warm day!

    It sounds like you have many sunshine-filled days ahead.


  10. What a great post:) It covered all of the emotions, happiness in reading about Aaron expolering his new world with his parents, laughter when I read about Momma washing him in the tub, and then Daddy's arms being there, tears of many emotions for snuggle sleeping with Mommy and both of loving it. Not only a marvelous day, but a marvelous begining:) And so happy that you've been able to meet up with so many families!

  11. Did you know that Aaron and I are kindred spirits when it comes to giant stuffed creatures? Hehe. Did you know that the Nalle family has this habit of making me cry on a regular basis. Oh Aaron. He is so precious.

  12. that boy is simply gorgeous! simply gorgeous! thanks for sharing him with all of us on his first days out!

  13. I have tears reading about all the wonderful and new things he gets to discover with his new family and outside of that institution! How awesome! Praying for an uneventful flight back to Dulles!


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