Friday, September 24, 2010

Everest Moves

We don't know how it happened.  We don't know who pulled what string.  We don't know if it was the tons of calls to our congressman's office by our friends in Charlottesville. We don't know if it was our tearful pleas to every possible USCIS e-mail address we could find. We don't know if it was the embassy here working to resolve the issue.  All we know is that we just got an e-mail from the US Embassy here in Ki*v, which is supposed to be closed, saying that our approval has arrived.  Our appointment is on Monday afternoon and our plane lands at Dulles Airport near Sterling, Virginia on Tuesday at 12:50 in the afternoon.  Mount Everest just collapsed!

Thank you, Thank you for praying.  Thank you for your words of comfort.  Thank you for the e-mails.  Thank you for standing beside us in all of this. As we sat here last night firing off emails, depressed and struggling, we took some time to read all of the encouraging words, verses,songs and prayers you folks sent our way. We wondered how in the world we would ever have survived these last 3 months without all of you watching our backs.  We are so incredibly relieved.  Thank you, Lord!  Thank you dear friends.

And now, here is some comic relief from Aaron...





  1. Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You'll be home soon :)

    Aaron is adorable. And I'm sure those nice ladies in there would bring him in for tea ;)

    (we stayed in the same place, and met these ladies that work in there. Had tea. Very funny and interesting evening)

  2. Julia, I'm so happy reading this!!! I've been praying for something to happen to allow you guys to come home asap! I can't imagine how ready you guys are to get on that plane and head home!

    P.S. Aaron is just the most handsome boy!

  3. Julia call me back....I am out of minutes. We can meet at the buffet at 6:45

  4. hallelujah Jesus!!

    hope i get to meet the little guy soon.

    Enjoy your new family. Miracles happen everyday. Today we get to see one.

    Your friend from playgroup a long time ago (Emma's mom),

  5. I have been following your journey from day 1 and have cried and laughed right along with you!! .....we've experienced this journey first hand back in 2004 and equally know the joy of FINALLY being able to bring that precious baby HOME!! Aaron is so adorable and I look forward to future posts of how he's thriving in America!!!

    Kerri (mom to Katie adopted 2004 Kiev, UA)

  6. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! Sending prayers of thanks to Him who moved mountains!!! God bless! Jennifer

  7. That is such great news! Been a very hard road for you guys, but now you'll be home real soon.

  8. God is bigger than USCIS ;-)

  9. WoooHooo! So happy to hear this! And we just noticed that you're in 'our' old apartment in Kiev. See you tomorrow!

  10. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! you guys have been so faithful, even in distress and fatigue you have not wavered in your commitment to this beautiful boy who looks as if he has been with you forever. congratulations! you will be home soon and these days will be memories.

  11. You said it didn't you? You whispered "miracle Me!" or maybe that was me...and I said, Miracle Julia...big fat hugs from the true cathy

  12. God was listening to ALL the prayers for your family, enjoy your LAST WEEKEND in EE. God Bless

  13. Hi Julia and Rob,
    last night all of our family was gathered around our computer screen going over your blogs and pics.
    We have prayed and I just felt something would break loose- so praise God!!! We are so happy for you. This is a very exciting time.
    Your new son looks so nice in his normal clothing that matches! I am sure is so comfortable now! Enjoy these moments of all the new things he is experiencing, its an awesome thing to witness, the most fun part of it all!!
    We are so thankful to have gone on this trip with you in our prayers and hearts. You have done a wonderful job!!! its you better keep at the posts because I am hooked!!

  14. WOOHOO!!!! Praise the Lord!! I wish I lived near, I'd bring the party to the airport! The end is in sight! :)

  15. Praising The Lord this afternoon for you!!! Aaron is such a beautiful boy! You are blessed for sure!! Praying for smooth sailing from now on...and safe travels Monday and Tuesday!

  16. Hooray!!!So thankful that your prayers were answered!!!!

  17. Oh those blue eyes!!! I'm so glad you guys are FINALLY able to come home!!! No more added tracks to your roller coaster...time to pull in and let someone else get on that "ride". :)

    Praise God!!!

  18. Praise God from Whom all good things flow,.....YAY!

  19. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praising God with you!

    And hey, we stayed in that building in Kiev, too! We were in room 35! :)

  20. I am tempted to catch a plane back to Virginia just to be a part of this homecoming ...even if just a fly on the wall. The heavens are rejoicing for you all. Julia and Rob, you have fought well. I pray that God touches your boys deeply for waiting this out with you.

    Praise God for Aaron. He is worth the fight!

  21. PRAISE GOD!! Ya'll don't even know me but I am also a parent of an adopted child who has AMC. I found out about your journey from Tracey on the AMC support group. Anyway, I have followed your treck for the last 6 weeks or more. I prayed for ya'll many, many times and was one of the "bowed heads" in court that day. Praise God for the wonderful results for you family! I really hope ya'll come to the AMC support convention in Kansas City next summer. I just feel like I sort of "know" ya'll and want to hug your necks! (this will be listed as anonymous because I don't have a blog or address, but my name is Diana Geist and I am a part of the AMC support group)

  22. Praise the Lord!!! He has done it again! Another wonderful and amazing miracle -- They even let you know when they were closed!

    Your story is inspirational and is a reminder of God's faithfulness and power. He can work out the most difficult situations. We just have to trust. We are safe in his hands.

    So excited for your good news! Thanks for sharing your story -- I love reading your blog each day.

    God Bless,

    Pam K

  23. Praise the Lord and pack the suitcases!

  24. I can't get over how handsome that boy is! Watch out ladies!

  25. How amazing to follow God's hand on your lives and on the life of this one precious lamb who was never out of His sight. I'm thankful for your perseverance and faithfulness, as well as your writing skills, which have opened up the story for so many of us. One of the best uses of the internet I've seen in a loooooong time.
    Blessings to you

  26. God does indeed move mountains. Blessings to all of you and have prayers for a safe trip home.

  27. Wish I were on the east coast to show up at Dulles!! The rejoicing circles the globe!!
    May you be able to quickly get together with the 3 boys for a few minutes BEFORE you have to deal with the crowds who all mean well but will divide your attention. Julia and Rob, see if your Dad or someone else can go to bat for you and get the boys through security and back to the incoming gate so that you have some time with them first... I was surprised just the other week that when there was a potential security problem with some Ind friends that I was given a pass to go through security with them to help with translation. But the pass I was given didn't state the reason that it was given but just that I was allowed...guessing there are multiple reasons why they allow someone through...may the boys be granted passes!!
    All our love and rejoicing!!
    Sharon : )

  28. Love all the pics. And ah yes... i remember the apartment complex of the last picture. We stayed there as well :) So glad your precious boy is with you!


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