Sunday, October 17, 2010

Working Man

A beautiful Saturday gave us the chance to do some much needed clean-up work around our house.

We were getting rid of old rotten wood that we can't use in our fireplace.

Aaron was beyond excited.

Rob and the boys figured out how he could help. 

One little boy... one yellow wagon... one very willing heart...

Pulling that wagon with his little hands is unbelievably hard work but our little guy was up for the challenge.

I'll say it again... this boy is DEFINITELY a keeper!


  1. How cool is that!!?? YAY Aaron!! He seems to be doing pretty well at keeping up with the Nalles! hehe

  2. I am really excited to see him using his hands and arms.

    I bet with normal activity he is gonna start using them more and more!

  3. Love the carton of Goldfish crackers in the first picture. :)

    I have many a happy memory of Saturdays spent working on the farm. So glad that Aaron will have that too!

  4. He's a doll! He reminds me of my husband at that age, looks a lot like him - his ancestors were from Europe!

  5. he looks so proud of himself! Way to go Aaron!

  6. What great pictures! It's wonderful seeing Aaron having so much fun! I especially love the last one - you should send that one to the judge in Ukraine!

  7. He's such a hard little worker and those dimples are killer!

  8. It brought tears to my eyes to see him standing so close to his brother in the chair- as if he felt so safe and secure next to him. wow. I am so thankful that you have him home. Praise the Lord. Sandy


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