Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Saved

I don't know about you but I am quite relieved, thank you very much.  We don't get visits from Santa but unfortunately, since the boys have been little, that mean ole Grinch shows up EVERY.SINGLE.YEAR and robs us of our stockings.

Seriously?  How can you have Christmas if your stockings have been ripped right off the mantelpiece????



In our house, our expert Seekers of Lost Stockings have always saved the day, and this year was no different.

We even added a seeker to the mix to increase our chances of getting our Christmas celebration back on track..

Of course he needed to be comforted a bit before the hunt.  Lost stockings means lost candy... Oh My!!

All was well when the stockings were discovered. 

The seekers from former years considered the hunt rather lame since the stockings were recovered much more quickly than usual, but we figure the Grinch, despite the size of his heart, had our wee littlest in mind when he wrecked havoc on this year's Christmas festivities.

After Ben read the Christmas Story from Luke...

And Jesus was placed in the manger....

And after Aaron and Papa put on the Messiah for background music...

We got about the business of opening presents...

Yes - Ben did buy Elijah a My Little Pony... Brotherly Love at its silliest!!

So Christmas was saved by my hero boys and all is well.  Hopefully that nasty Grinch will stay away next year!!!


  1. (Rob writing)You're a bad banana with a... greasy black peeeeeeel!

  2. LOL!! Merry Christmas Nalle Family!!! Looks like Aaron's first Christmas was a hit!! God Bless!! Love to you all!!

  3. Merry Christmas!!!!

    What Aaron, no Marching today? Just Christmas music? hehe. I've woken up the past few days with "we're marching, we're marching, we're marching around the triangle..." running through my head.

    Sending love and hugs from my family to yours! My visit was a big topic of conversation over the past few days. Everyone agrees the Nalles are awesome!

  4. What a fun tradition! Isabel refers to him as Grinchy Claus!

  5. Your kids are so wonderful, the love of God is in their faces, it's so COOL to see. I pray every night to be guided by God to teach our daughter to be a child after His own heart like yours are :) Merry Christmas! Happy New Year (PS what a neat tradition you guys have, very clever)

  6. he fits right in. i love seeing your three altogether. Merry Christmas Nalles.


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