Sunday, December 26, 2010

Still Whispering Prayers

No news yet for those who are whispering prayers with me for the Lost Boys.  It is looking like things will not happen this weekend but soon... very soon...

We have been reminded that we are NOT operating on American time.   Rob and I quickly learned while living in that world that things don't always happen when we are told they will happen.  Tomorrow is not necessarily the next day.  Sometimes it is a week - sometimes more.  It's okay.  God has had this designed out for a long time and the wait is part of His beautiful plan.  Think of how many more prayers are being raised to the throne for a motley group of extremely needy boys who have been forgotten for so long.  How precious is that thought!

So please continue to whisper prayers with me. 

  • Whisper prayers for the ones who are laying in their cribs, unable to lift their heads up or feed themselves. 
  • Whisper prayers for those who can't walk and who sit lonely and lost in their wheelchairs. 
  • Whisper prayers for those who can walk but are forced to stay contained in an empty room or a cold shed with nothing to do but rock and cry out. 
  • Whisper prayers for those who are physically disabled but cognitively normal, trapped in a world without conversation or stimulus.
  • Whisper prayers for the caretakers, the doctors, the nurses and the director as they work with and care for these boys. 
  • Whisper prayers for Heath that God would bring him a family.
  • Whisper prayers for protection for little Brady as he waits for his family to come and take him home.
  • Whisper prayers - Oh please whisper prayers, that the director would be willing to list more of the boys for adoption. 
  • Whisper prayers for those who will be visiting these Lost Boys.  That the doors would remain open and they would be able to enter in freely. 
  • Whisper prayers that the director would allow them to visit ALL the boys.

Our time of waiting and praying is not wasted or unnecessary.  We wrestle not against flesh and blood!  Prayer matters as we battle a darkness that has covered this institute and this village for so long.   The darkness would choose to keep this place shut, closed, sealed. 

So please pray.  Whispered prayers to the throne of Grace! He hears.

P.S. - If you want to shout your prayers - BE MY GUEST!!


  1. I think I'll shout! Gods used to my loud voice!
    Things will happen for these boys! We will keep praying.

  2. Thank You! Tears! And so many prayers!

  3. I will pray and shout if neccesary (in a way I already am, regularly telling people about those conditions). But my feeling tells me that God sent you on the amazing, heart-wrenching trip of adopting Aaron so that the doors of the institution would open, so that you´d shout about it and let people know what you saw so that the rest of us are affected and spurred into action. I feel amazed how God has used you to bring attention to the least of these and how the journey you took is not an instrument in saving the lifes of these boys. You are clearly an amaizng family and a clear example of faith for us all.

  4. God won't know it's me if I whisper! I know, the Omnipotent God knows it all!

  5. God has not forgotten these boys and will answer our prayers in His time. Patience is hard but the outcome will be SO worth it! Blessings to you all!

  6. These prayers are not forgotten or unheard. Our sweet daughter layed in a crib her first 4 years of life and rocked back and forth. Her descriptions were horrific. For what reason she was transferred to a real orphanage, we don't know.... but her memories of the place before, were vivid when she first came home.
    She described to us, knowing how to pray to God, but she didn't know how she knew. She described being visited by God. Was there an Angel, The Lord? I do not know, but it was a vivid account of comfort in her little life, long before we met her. Somebody was praying. Somebody knew, and in the background, God was orchestrating our lives and paths to cross in a life changing way that we are all eternally grateful for, and may not understand fully the ramifications until we are with the Lord himself.
    It is ok to whisper prayers for those in chains, for those who suffer, for those who are not known to the public eye, that the Lord will comfort them, will REVEAL himself to them in a mighty and powerful way, that he will soothe their hearts, calm their fears, and bring them a peace in the midst of their own personal storm.
    Who would have guessed that 4 years later, this little unknown girl, would be our sweet, precious daughter. Who would have guessed? Not me. But here she is, loving life, enjoying her family, and actually comprehending it all.... WOW
    We serve a God of Miracles, and we are beyond blessed.

  7. I shouted prayers for these boys in my car Christmas Eve....shouting that light would shine into the darkness of this place. Dear Jesus I pray again tonight that the walls fall down in the name of Jesus, that once the walls are broken down that they would never be able to be built back...that your joy would flood this place and that your Holy Spirit would engulf EVERY SINGLE ROOM that there would not be one of these left untouched by your presence, that miracles would happen in the name of Jesus. Lord, I lift up the director of this place, that his/her heart would be softened, that it would be softened and that they would not be able to explain why. Reveal yourself.....restore, restore, restore. Restore minds, restore bodies, restore broken hearts...You are our RESTORER!!!!! In Jesus Name. Amen.

    Stephanie Lynch (adopting Anastaysia)


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