Wednesday, March 23, 2011

No More

In the Into the Woods musical that the boys participated in over the last few weeks, there is a song called "No More".  In it one of the characters is trying to decide whether to run away from all of his troubles or stand and fight.  He wants to give up.  He wants the giants to go away.  He wants to live his life without conflict and war and strife. 

No More.

 That's how I feel right now.  Running away.  From everything.

No more braces on the feet of my little son.  No more screams and cries as we tighten the straps.  No more judge's saying no.  No more little boys dying in cribs alone.  No more three year olds weighing 11 pounds.  No more transfers.   No more.

That's just how I feel right now.

I know that tomorrow will be a new day.  I know that Aaron's feet will eventually adapt to his new braces and the pain he is experiencing will eventually pass.  I know that there are judges all over the world who ARE saying yes and I know that God can move the mountain that stands in front of the Davis, Moreno and Hook families to enable this judge to also say yes.  I know that there are hundreds and hundreds of little boys and girls who are being taken out of the cribs and carried into families. 

I know that not every child in every orphanage weighs 11 lbs.  I know that transfer doesn't always spell doom.

I know.

I know too that God has given me so much.

And so for today - I am focusing on all that I know... 
And singing quiet praise to the Lord of my life because... as it says in Psalm 115 -

Not to us, LORD, not to us
but to your name be the glory,
because of your love and faithfulness.

I worship a Living Loving God.

And that is all I need for today.


  1. I am right there with you, sister... No more, we have all been rocked these last few weeks... God pour your healing spirit over all of us, over all of the children suffering today. Thank you, Julia... You got it exactly right.

  2. Amen Julia :) Cling to the Rock, The Author and Finisher of Our Faith, The Comforter, I AM,The Alpha and Omega,The Way,The Truth and Life, and SO Much more, How can we not praise him at all times... because of His Love and Faithfulness.

  3. your post makes me cry. thanking God for the comfort of His Word.

  4. Oh, I know how you feel. There are days where I jsut want to close my eyes, and wait for this wretched world to pass away, with all its ugliness and cruelty. This is one of those weeks. I thank God that he is still there, still had his hand on my shoulder and still telling me that there is hope. Ltitle by little. Hang in there. Praying for you son and you. It will get better.

  5. You are helping to begin that NO MORE. If Aaron had been lucky and not transferred then you would never have met the lost boys and been able to advocate for them and never opened up the manager's heart to adoption of perfect imperfect children. You are the beginning of the end!

  6. It is always good to remember that God has a plan and it is nearly always better than anything we could have imagined. Thanks for your post - it is ALWAYS thought provoking, uplifting and brings me closer to God.

  7. i remeber wondering what happend to Aron when he was on RR glad to hear that he has a family


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