Tuesday, March 22, 2011


This morning I wrote a post - I labored over it - picking several pictures off the Reece's Rainbow site to use.  I was looking for little ones with that look in their eyes of longing - pleading - helplessness.  The sorrowful. The desperately sad.  The ones whose cries are just whimpers in their cribs.  The ones who will die if not adopted.  I picked six children.  Whispering prayers for each of them.  Longing deeply for each to find a family.  A home.  For someone to pick them up and hold.  Six Tuesday Treasures. 

I come home this afternoon to discover that one of the precious little ones that I picked to put on my post - Landon - has died.  Gone.  In the arms of the Shepherd. 


 I had absolutely no idea.

A little boy who spent his entire life laying in a crib - staring at the ceiling.

I'm just plain sad.


  1. He is now being held, cuddled and loved.

  2. hugs Julia! :o( So sad for all of these precious children!

  3. I read this on another blog and it broke my heart too. Safe in the arms of Jesus now. Hugs

  4. My heart aches for this little guy. What an adorable love. I'm happy he's no longer suffering (he never deserved it. no one does!) xx

  5. So sorry- like you said though, JESUS has him now! He's got the best family EVER!!! Still, sad for us on the other end of the stick though...

  6. Oh my goodness, this breaks my heart as well, sweet little pumpkin, in the arms of Jesus.

  7. We cry with you Julia. When we picked our last 3 boys to adopt my 20 yr old daughter said "What if they die mom?" Meaning after we bring them home. I told her better to die loved than "observed" by staff. Landon now knows love, but how sad he couldn't have it here. Julia I admire all that you do to help these children. (((HUGS)))

  8. Me too....

    What I will do about it now is the question....


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!