Friday, April 1, 2011

Celebrate and MORE!



God gets ALL the glory for this one!!  Changing the hearts of judges and prosecutors.... His work and His work alone!

But it is not over until Kirill and Baby J come home.  It is not over until that entire region is opened and the children inside are free and clear.  So we celebrate the one victory - we take time to shout out praises to the Lord of Hosts and then we go back to prayer.   We cannot stop.  We cannot give up or grow weary or assume that all will be fine and dandy.   Right now an appeal for Kirill has been filed and will be reviewed by the Supreme Court in that country.  Tesney and Greg Davis are ready and willing to jump the next airplane to stand before the Supreme Court if necessary to fight for their son.  We support them by praying.  Praying without stopping.  Kirill needs to come home.  So keep on keeping on... There is much work yet to be done.


In our personal family news..

Last night we received pictures of the newest member of the Nalle clan...

Judah Elliot

The sixth greatgrandchild for Rob's parents....

I cannot wait to get hold of sweet Judah.  Precious.  Precious. 


Aaron news....

The braces continue to be a nightmare but Aaron's Dr. was on vacation this week so we have to wait until Monday to get them adjusted.  If you happen to see a pair of braces flying over your house.... don't bother chasing after them!


Last fall I had the privilege of participating in an Adoption Expo in Washington DC with three very fine ladies - Amy Boroughs, Judy Williams and Andrea Roberts.

A few days before I went to the Expo I had written a post called Shouting. There were a number of boys in that post that I was shouting about. Boys close to transfer. Boys whose future looked grim unless rescued. Within a day or two of writing that post - Two boys had families commit to them.  Jordan and Sullivan.  (Since then all but three have families).

When I went to the Expo I had the blessed privilege of meeting the Mom of one of those boys - Amy Borroughs. Her family had just committed to Samuel (Sullivan on RR) and I was so happy and privileged to meet her and hug her. Her family is an inspiration to me. They have adopted so many precious treasures. Samuel is going to be so blessed!

Last week their paperwork was submitted to Samuel's country which means they are within a few weeks of crossing the ocean! Praise God! Of course they are in need of funds and so are doing an iPad Giveaway. It ends Sunday so hurry up!! Their BLOG is here if you would like to help the Borough family add one more treasure into their beautiful family! I can't wait to see Samuel added to their family portrait!! PLEASE MAKE A DONATION TO THIS SWEET FAMILY!!

This next family gets Hero of the Year award for what they are getting ready to do!

This is Carson

He has an extremely rare condition called EB or Epidermolysis Bullosa. It is a rather horrific condition and the thought that this little guy has had to endure this disease without family support just brings me to my knees. The Cannell family heard about Carson and after a period of prayer, believed he needed to be part of their family. They had first-hand experience with EB and so were well aware and well equipped to deal with Carson's issues.

After the Cannells committed to Carson they discovered he had a brother, John, who also suffers from EB.

With little hesitation on their part, the Cannells stepped out and agreed to bring John home too. Unfortunately John has already been transferred and he is now in a completely different region than Carson. This means that the Cannells are basically funding two separate adoptions. That means they need to raise over 32,000.00.

That is a lot of money.

They are doing a Giveaway for a signed football and their blog is HERE but honestly - Besides donating for the Giveaway - Please consider digging deep and helping this family out. These boys desperately need to be in a family. It just breaks my heart to consider how long these two boys have suffered alone. God hand-picked the Cannells because they have the experience necessary to take care of these two treasures. Both boys are going to need serious medical care when they get home in order to manage their condition.  I don't know many families who would be willing and CAPABLE of caring for two boys with the medical issues these boys face.   But God knew.  He orchestrated the chain of events that led the Cannells to discovering Reece's Rainbow and he set Carson on their hearts when they recognized his disease.  He then opened the way for them to discover John so that he could be re-united with his brother.  How Loving is Our God!

Please help them bring these boys home.  Share their story across the internet.  Put them on FB and Twitter.  Help this family raise the money they need to get the boys home.  Let's rally around this sweet Godly family as they answer the call to go get two desperately needy children.


  1. Praise God!!!! We're so happy to hear that God delivered her into the hands of her family. We will keep praying and spreading the word. Thanks so much for keeping us up to date on whats going on. love, the Adamsons

  2. Praise God Evan has her family!

    Thank you for all You do to advocate for these children and their families!

  3. I have a good feling that this could lead to great things for Kirill. I'm so excited for all of these families! And what a sweet addition to your family:)

  4. I just wanted to say hello. I just found your blog and we have three little boys who we got from Poland. I love that Christians are speaking up for the cause of adoption! Our boys are the lights of our home and we hope to bring glory to God in our attempts to raise them.

  5. praising GOD for moving hearts! so thankful for this first step and praying for the others!!!!!

  6. YAY! Thanks for all the God-great news \o/


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