Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Families

Paychecks come on Fridays.  Time to splurge! Hit the mall, take the family out to a restaurant, go to a movie, buy a new toy, go to a ballgame, go out with friends, spend all that hard-earned money on ourselves.

I'm not here to guilt anyone.  Not my style.  But maybe-- this Friday-- maybe you could take a few of those hard-earned bucks and offer it to a family who has quit splurging, given up trips to the mall, stopped going out to restaurants, left movies by the wayside, ignored the toys and the games and instead is working around the clock to earn what it takes to ransom their little one from a crib across the ocean.

Maybe you could even help some of these dear families out...

1.  THIS GIVEAWAY ENDS APRIL 30 - The Koenig family needs around 9,000.00 to bring sweet Vika home!!  They are giving away a diamond necklace... The neat thing is that for every donation to sweet Vika....

.....every dollar up to 4,000.00 will be MATCHED by Lifesongs for Orphans.  That means that a 10.00 donation is really 20.00.... doesn't that make you want to give up that cup of coffee at Starbucks???

2.  Isn't this the cutest little guy in the world (of course not counting my three)????  This is Gage...

and his family...

can't wait for him to get home.  You see the beauty in the corner of the picture (okay they are ALL beautiful), but do you see the little girl in the blue dress with the white tights and with the smile that lights up her whole face.  She has arthro just like Aaron and she stole my heart just a few months ago when she was brought home by her Mama and Papa.  Her very best friend in her baby house was Gage.  While her new Mama and Papa were there getting her, they realized that they just could not leave Gage behind.  And so despite just spending 26,000 on Madeline's adoption, they are going back.  They are waiting for their travel date.  I can't for the day when Madeline is united with her best bud.  How precious will that day be.  I also can't wait to meet this family in person.  They too make the trek to Shriners, so I know that eventually I will get to meet them!  Please go help this family bring Gage home.  You can get to their blog HERE.

3.  See this cutie pie...

This is Elisha and her mom is being a real stinker..  She is doing one of those nasty fun dot fundraisers where we don't get to see the newest and cutest picture of this precious treasure unless you buy some dots!!!  PLEASE GO BUY A FEW DOTS so we can see a better picture of Elisha.  She looks pitiful in this one.  She looks like she needs a Mama to give her some love.  I bet the hidden picture doesn't have a sad little girl underneath!!  PLEASE... Go HERE to free Elisha's picture from the dots!!

And in case you missed out on earlier blogs... here are some reminders from previous posts:

Remember precious Ember, another little one I will get to hold and kiss at Shriner's when her parents bring her home???

Her IPAD 2 GIVEAWAY ends soon...April 30.  Please go help the Sentis bring this babe home where she belongs.  Like Aaron, she has NO CHANCE of getting help for her Arthrogryposis where she is living!

And don't forget the Tams...
PAISLEY's mom is making Chocolate Toffee and I am seriously hoping that she won't be able leave the kitchen from all the orders... Please go buy some Toffee... Her blog is HERE.  Keep checking Renee's blog because she is going to do a fundraiser that I'm sure will have everyone laughing!

Don't forget Ian and the REJECTED STONES.  There are only a few left!  I am still holding out hope that I win one of them..... sigh! 

Caleb and Jackson - Their GIVEAWAY has been extended so you have extra time to get in on the fun!!

And Elliot's family - Their Giveaway of a $500.00 gift card still needs help!!  Last week I posted about them and a few people gave but seriously, right now they will only make $405.00 in profit at this point.  Yuck! 

Of course these are but A FEW of TONS of families.... last time I counted there were 175 RR families committed and since then a number of new families have jumped into the water to rescue a special needs babe.  It is so unbelievably thrilling and overwhelming at the same time.  So much money is needed, but what great rewards.  When I see with my own eyes the children rescued, I have no doubt that they are worth every single nickel spent to get them out of their cribs and into families.  The sacrifice is great.  It means tightening belts, going without, working overtime and being dependent upon the kindness of family, friends and strangers.  Let's tighten our belts with them.  Give up a coffee, watch netflix instead of going to the movie theater, have friends over for game night instead of  going out on the town, go to the thrift shop instead of the mall, make a pizza at home instead of going out to eat. Forget buying a needless, expensive toy, and give a little boy or a little girl a chance to play with one!  And instead of spending money on a ballgame that will be over and forgotten in a matter of hours, give to one of these families and then sit back and watch their real-life adventure as they overcome all odds to bring their child safely to this side of the ocean. 


  1. Thanh You Julia! We so appreciate your desire to advocate for all the RR children. Someday hopefully soon , Madeline and "Gage" will be able to hug you in person to say thank you. Me too :)

  2. Awww, thanks Julia! You do so much on behalf of the children! I can't wait to meet you and Aaron at Shriners!!

  3. LOVE Mr. Moneybags there- fantastic picture :D

    I give you so much credit though, you advocate for more families per week than most people do in a lifetime! :)

  4. Great post Julia. I always look forward to visiting your blog and have made donations to families like Ians that I otherwise wouldnt have known about. All of these children are so blessed to have you advocating for them.

  5. Donated to Ian and Elliot in honor of your birthday. Thank you for helping all of us bring our kiddos home. <3

  6. Thank you for mentioning our girl and our family, Julia! I follow your blog daily, so I may just have let out a little squeal when I saw us suddenly as a part of it. :) Love you and all that you do!!

  7. Love all the families you highlighted!

  8. Julia, can you please send me some info on Jonah? I have no idea what God is doing but I can not get his sweet face out of my mind. Feel free to email me at or look me up on Megan Anderson's Facebook friends.


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