Saturday, April 30, 2011

Long Day

It was another LONG trip to Philly and back yesterday.  Aaron as usual stayed awake for the vast majority of the van ride (11 hours on the road) as he just can't stand NOT looking out the window.  I can hardly blame him.  If I had spent an entire year sitting in a shed/empty room with only moaning boys to watch, I would not want to close my eyes either.  But it makes a long day even longer because as long as he is awake, I can't sleep either. 

He did fabulous at the hospital except when the OT put on new hand braces that he will have to start wearing.  Ugh!  He did NOT like those braces and it is going to be a process to get him to wear them all day everyday.  We will definitely be starting out s.l.o.w.l.y....... 

His FAVORITE part of the day was hanging with the Rieben clan.... all eight of them.  My camera battery died so I didn't get pictures... bummer!  We spent part of our time with them squeezed into one examining room.  It was chaotic but fun.  I was able to spend time connecting with their mom and several other Moms.  Those moments make the trip so worth the effort.

At this point, by choice, we are going to take the summer off from treatments/surgeries for Aaron.  Treating his arms/hands is going to be a long process.  The first step is surgery on his right arm to increase his passive range of motion.  Right now neither of his elbows bend and they are both turned so even if they did bend, they are angled in the wrong direction.  So he is facing surgery on his right arm that involves transferring a tendon and cutting and rotating the bones.  We want our son to have the pleasure of a summer without casts and pain and long trips to Philly.  So we are taking a breather.  We will concentrate on doing all those things that our little fugitive has never had a chance to do before.   We will face the next surgery with some happy memories under his belt!

Please keep Rob's dad in your prayers.  He came through his surgery on Monday doing well and was discharged on Thursday but took a turn yesterday and is now back in the hospital.  He is feeling quite miserable.  I am typing this from his hospital room. 


  1. You guys are going through the wringer! What a good idea to take a breather! :)
    Erika had the arm surgeries in Ukraine. Are both of Aaron's shoulder's dislocated? Erika's shoulders are intact, so she can lift her arms up, though they are in a fixed position. I wish she could sit. :( But there is no surgery to fix that.

  2. Praying and I must say that Aaron grows more handsome with each picture I see.

  3. I have enjoyed reading and seeing all the progress that Aaron is making! Fabulous! I sure wish you could send some of these fascinating pictures to your judge so she can see how well he's adjusting - especially riding his bike! I bet it would really help to encourage her and to see that she is definitely giving an otherwise cast-off child a better chance when she decides in favor of an international special need adoption. (PS - I LOVED the Perry Mason series! Your husband should do some more guest blogging here!)

  4. What a wise idea to take a break from casts over the summer! I'm looking forward to lots of reports of all the fun you'll have together and all the new experiences for Aaron!

  5. Prayers for your FIL! Looking forward to seeing pics of Aaron having a fun summer! :)

  6. Blessings and the fullness of His Shalom - wholeness, good intentions, peace and order... as you all take a break to solidify the ground gained and focus on some rest for each and every one of you!!
    We return in August to the US so let's plan some time in September when you start up again....I would love to come to Phile to see you again and spend a day.
    Not sure when we will take a VA trip but if Chuck and I do that in the fall to see the leaves on Skyline drive and visit the friends in the Lynchburg area, we will try to stop and see you all....
    How many years have I been waiting for Fall leaves again!?! ...maybe it's been 10 by now...Evan was in 2nd grade I think... Well, should've made this an email it's so long and all over the place!!
    Love the idea of sending some pictures to the judge...anyway that could happen to encourage her?! Through the org or something?!
    Love ya lots! : )


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