Thursday, April 21, 2011


So I woke up this morning to a gazillion Facebook Happy Birthday messages.

I am 49 years old today.


Seriously - Turning 49 years old doesn't make me feel all that happy.

But then I saw a post on FB that DID make me happy.....Little Evan - the first of the THREE in a certain region of a certain country that has been closed to special needs adoptions - Little Evan is HOME

And she gets to celebrate CHRISTMAS today because her family WAITED for her. 

And THAT is cause to celebrate....

And here is one more reason for me to celebrate....


The little rascal is HOME HOME HOME with her family!!  Don't you just want to pick her up and kiss her plump little cheeks??  Oh How Good is our God!!


Two great reasons to celebrate.

I'm looking for more... More reasons to celebrate...

Want to help??  Want to make me rejoice that I am 49 today???

Then pick ONE, TWO OR ALL of the following links and go make a 5, 10, 15, 20 or more donation and then LEAVE ME A MESSAGE ON FACEBOOK OR ON THIS BLOG telling me that you donated!

THAT would make my day!!

HELP BRING IAN HOME! - There are 7 more 'Rejected Stones' left to win.

HELP BRING SAMANTHA HOME - You can win a bunch of cool prizes including a flip camera!

HELP BRING CALEB AND JACKSON HOME - This Giveaway is really cool!!  Go click and find out!

HELP BRING BRADY HOME - Brady's mom is having an auction... Click and bid or just donate to free Brady from spending the rest of his life as a LOST BOY!!

HELP BRING JOHN AND CARSON HOME - This family still has THOUSANDS YET TO RAISE.  Every single dollar helps!! 

HELP BRING ELLIOT HOME - This is a 500 DOLLAR AMAZON GIVEAWAY - Sadly they have only raised 250.00 so they haven't even covered their Giveaway costs yet.... PLEASE GO HELP THIS FAMILY!!

HELP BRING PAISLEY HOME - Go check out the recent picture of Paisley in her chair.  Tied.  A very common practice. 

HELP BRING LYDIAH HOME - There are DIAMONDS in this Giveaway!!

THERE ARE SO MANY MORE .... Pick from my list or go donate to someone else but PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! I would consider that the BEST Birthday present ever... To see these precious treasures HOME. Home where they belong!

Then I can seriously celebrate in style on this my 49th birthday!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Julia!

    I have made donations to Carson and John, Ian, and Elliot in your honor.
    *FYI Readers- Ian's chip in is a little fussy-keep clicking all over and eventually it pops up*

    I cannot Thank You enough for sharing the giveaway for Samantha! I am so touched.

    The world became a better place, 49 years ago and every day since.



  2. Happy Birthday Julia! I donated to Elliot for your birthday! I hope you enjoy your day and that lots of kids get donations in celebration of your 49 beautiful years.

  3. Happy Birthday Julia! May you get your Best birthday present ever. You're one year behind me :) Praise the Lord for these children getting home! Praying for the others so we can keep on celebrating. Praying we get submitted today.

  4. PS We Did get submitted!! We are praying for continued provision for the remaining funds. We'd appreciate your prayers :)

  5. Happy Birthday Julia! I bid on Brady's items yesterday, but am donating today for Paisely and Samantha!

  6. Happy Birthday Julia, I hope you don't mind I called you the EF Hutton of the adoption world on facebook. Not that anyone remembers who that is...Hope you have a beautiful day. Thank you for loving Paisley, for remembering her. You are a treasure..

    Love wins,

  7. We donated to Carson and Paul in honor of your birthday! Thank you again for keeping Ian in your prayers. I hope you have a wonderful new season of your life!

  8. Hi Julia,

    Happy Birthday! Mine is tomorrow. I've never had my birthday fall on Good Friday, so it will be a quiet day. That's o.k., I'm not sure I want to face that I am 47. Thank you for all you do in the adoption community. We all appreciate your care and concern.

  9. Happy Birthday, Julia! We share this special day today....I'm turning 44! Praying lots of donations come in today!!! Debbie, bringing home Jaclyn and Harper, (53)

  10. Happy birthday, Julia!! :)

    Where I live, we have this joke that all womens' age stop at 29- which makes me 29 years and "a few" (36 to be exact, but no one needs to know the details, right?) months. A good way of counting, I say!

    And of course I will donate for your birthday. I think you just found the perfect birthday gift, and I'll probably steal it for my own later this year ;-)

  11. Happy Birthday! I just put in a bid for Brady. I hope that you have had a wonderful 49th birthday (I know the feeling I just turned 49 too - yuck phewwee - what is in a number anyways :) LOL)


  12. Happy Birthday my friend!! We donated to Ian for your birthday! Hope you have an amazing day!

  13. Julia,
    I often find myself weeping with you as you as I read your words, reminded of the world I left behind... a world full of lost boys and girls I long to see found. On days where the pain seems unbearable and I want to pretend my eyes were never opened, I come here. You remind me that I am not alone and that we have no choice but to keep fighting, no matter how much it hurts. We may not know each other but I often thank God for you and the encouragment you are to me. You are an inspiration and you deserve to be celebrated. I donated to Ian today in your honor.

    Happy Birthday!!!

  14. Just donated to Elliot for you! Thanks for shouting from the rooftop for the precious kiddos!

  15. Julia - Happy birthday! And what a great way to celebrate it!

    Brooke Annessa

  16. Happy Birthday, Julia! What a wonderful birthday less orphan and Carrington home at last!

  17. Happy Birthday to a special email RR friend!! I celebrated my 40th this month so here's to great birthdays in the month of April.

  18. Happy Belated Birthday Julia! May God bless you with many more!


  19. Happy Birthday, Julia. 49 seems so far away when you've just turned 66! I was touched by Ian's story, and have just sent a donation to help his family bring him home. God bless you for bringing awareness to many people of those in need.

  20. Thank you Julia for always helping all of us bring our children home. I will be donating to a couple on this list when Donnie gets his first check from his new job next week. You are a blessing to so many. I will post on your blog next week to let you know who we donated to in honor of your birthday. Sorry it is late. Love you <3

  21. Happy Birthday! I just donated to help bring Samantha home.

  22. I just made another donation in honor of your birthday. This one was for Ian.

  23. Happy belated birthday!!!! I'm so thankful for your existence!! Love you! and I donated to a few places for you!!

  24. Happy Belated Birthday.. sounds like there was a few good things that happened.. I'm so happy for little carrington and evan and that they are both home.. :)


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!