Friday, April 22, 2011

Pictures Can Be Deceiving!

The Bike Race that didn't happen....

Look closely....

There are no pedals on Aaron's bike.

It is designed like that and we bought it in hopes that Aaron would be able to sit on it and use his legs to get himself propelled forward since we have not found a bike that allows him to pedal easily.
(Actually we have found a wonderful pedal tricycle he can ride but it cost 1,000 + dollars that we don't have sitting around on our dresser).

Unfortunately, he can't hold the bike up with his hands AND move it forward at the same time.

So alas, he is dead in the water with the bike as it is...Poor little guy never made it past the starting line.

But... stay tuned because we are going with PLAN B.... 

We are not going to be defeated in the bike department.....



I was so blessed by all the birthday wishes and all the donations that were given.... And the sweetest donation of them all... from a young friend (12 years old) who e-mailed me last night and asked if it was okay if she gave her donation to someone not on my list.  Precious.  Precious!  Give away Sarah!  I LOVE your heart!

FINALLY.... My nutty friend Renee has set aside her own adoption needs AGAIN to help another family in need... Both kids were featured yesterday but I want to share them again...

This is my sweet Brady. 

His Mom is struggling right now with sickness and a bit of fear (okay a lot of fear) as they face having to walk in our footsteps.  Brady is in the same institute as Aaron.  We saw Brady every day, wanted desperately to love on him and are so excited to know that in just a few short weeks he is going to be in the arms of a Mama and Papa who love him.  Believe me - I will keep you well posted on the Brady story as it unfolds! 

Renee is trying to encourage Melanie and Ben by helping them raise what they need over this Easter weekend.  Please click here to read what Renee has to say... AND PLEASE HELP RENEE TOO.  She needs thousands too.  Her little Paisley doesn't need to spend her life tied to a crib!


  1. Aww Julia, I'm already teary this Good Friday thinking of my Jesus suffering for my sins and then I read this... No words, just love, for you, your precious family and ALL of the orphans of this world who are only fatherless in this realm but in Heaven they are held by the most precious Father to us all... Thank you, love you, and let's get these babies home!

    Love wins,
    Renee Tam

  2. Sitting here painting crosses on calvary with my two little ones at the RMH waiting to go see VB later today.

    I was going to ask him if he knew of a bicycle that Bryson might be able to ride with his hips out of the sockets. So if you find one for Aaron, let me know. He wants to ride a bike so badly, but I don't see it happening on anything traditional and like you I don't have an extra $1000 sitting around especially after all the trips we will need to make here to Philly!

  3. Julia, is the bike an Amtryke? Leeza uses one in her PT sessions and it's wonderful (and expensive). Her PT and social worker have mentioned that if a child is interested in one there are usually wish lists you can sign up on and donated money is used to help get kids the bikes. Our PT office has one and I think the SW said the Amtryke site has one. Might be worth looking into. We haven't done it yet because Leeza is getting around pretty well with a wheel chair for long distances, but it might be something for next summer. You might also want to check out the Krazy Kar. It's not specifically meant for kids with mobility issues, but it works well for some of them and it's a lot cheaper than the bike.
    Happy (early) Easter!

  4. I was just wondering if you have tried turning his handle bars all the way around. It might not stress his arms so and if you added training wheel the the bike it would make it stand up. Just a thought.

  5. Try adding training wheels to Aaron's bike. Those would probably hold the bike up enough so he could scoot around on it. It probably wouldn't hurt to try.

  6. Your in VA right? If you want to e-mail me I can probably find some resources for equipment. Does he have a waiver yet? If so you could probably justify it as medically neccesary and have it covered. I do this for a living, so I'd love to help:)

    Brooke Annessa

  7. We just talked to our friends in michigan when we were up there. They have a 3 wheeled bike for their son, she was telling us all about it. I can't remember the brand but I know she said when he out grows it, it gets shipped back, referbed and given to another child. Pretty cool, partially locking steering, full locked out steering, or full steering, multiple seating positions and Issac can fly on that thing! Her name is Kara Rundel and her email is (Just tell her Joel Golden sent you her way about it) She is an awesome lady and will give you the down-low on the get up and go!


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