Friday, April 8, 2011

Charms for Breakfast

Yesterday Aaron did something he has never done before....

He fed himself an entire bowl of cereal.

Oh he was proud.

He ate those Lucky Charms like there was no tomorrow....

Yep.... We are quite proud of you little man!

Never fear all you Health Food Moms out there -  we don't usually eat Lucky Charms for breakfast.  But... I confess with a smile that they happen to be MY all-time favorite cereal and every once in a while.... when they are on sale.. and I am in the mood for a bedtime snack... I succumb to the temptation and bring home the favored treat! 

But for Aaron... cereal with milk... Yuck!

Not for him.

He wants eggs, eggs and more eggs for breakfast. 

Sometimes peanut butter toast.

Sometimes waffles or pancakes.

But the vast majority of the time - EGGS!

But that colorful box of Lucky Charms.... with the marshmallows... and the leprechaun... nope...he just couldn't resist....

....the temptation was just too great...

So he sat up at the counter with his little spoon and tasted them.

And by all accounts it has been confirmed - He is MY SON!

Me thinks that little one might be ditching eggs for breakfast and will be asking for Lucky Charms from now on....


  1. I love Lucky Charms! I craved them when I was pregnant with Steven. Now we get them for a once in a while treat or for sure when we go camping. Way to go Aaron!

  2. If my husband sees this post, he'll probably be at your house in time for breakfast tomorrow. :)

  3. This brought a smile to my face!

  4. Wonderful!! :) (And I just brought home a box of LCs a few months ago for the very reasons you said! lol)

  5. That's what I call a "HAPPY MEAL"!!!

  6. Aaron is movin on up! Go Aaron! Go God!! He is making fantastic progress!! Lucky Charms whatever it is you're doing, keep on doing it. What's the saying, they're magically delicious. Yep, I'd say they are!

    Love wins,

  7. I love to read post about your happy little Aaron. He is such a cute

  8. What a trio of handsome sons you have!! Sales of Lucky Charms would quadruple if Aaron was on their box! So great to see his progress, and especially that wonderful smile.

  9. Isabel went through a Lucky Charms craze for awhile, too!

    Hey, I finally got the contact info for the pastor in Lubashovka, but I don't have your email anymore. Leave me a comment with your email address. I won't publish it, but then I'll be able to forward the contact info to you!

  10. ~Wow~ That is really awesome! Great job Aaron!

  11. way to go aaron :)... I love lucky charms too ;)

  12. I'm a Lucky Charms adoptive mom too! Once in a while I buy them and pretend my daughter has asked for them. I don't think she actually likes them!

  13. What a smart little boy! Lucky Charms are the BEST!!!


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