Thursday, April 7, 2011

Opportunities to Bless

Yesterday you got to party with me over THE LIST!  

175 families answering the call to go rescue over 200 SPECIAL NEEDS orphans. 

Last fall I was at an Adoption Expo in DC passing out brochures and making a real nuisance of myself to every single person who stepped into my path.  Fresh from across the ocean, I burned with a passion to give our Lost Boys a voice.  Every single family at that Expo was considering adoption but our booth was the ONLY booth that blatantly and boldy pronounced that children with special needs were WORTH adopting.   I talked to so many that day who told me honestly that they would never consider adopting a special needs child. 

Never.  Not.  Nope. 

My response - I laughed. 

I agreed.  I said I didn't either.  Never.  Not.  Nope.  And international... OUT OF THE QUESTION!

Absolutely ridiculous. 

But God. 

He changed our hearts.

 And when I see a list of 175 families representing over 200 SPECIAL NEEDS orphans I know that what He did to us - He is doing over and over and over again. 

And so I rejoice.  Laugh. 

And tell all those who say they would - Never. Not. Nope.  To be careful.  Because just about the time that you utter those words.... God has an amazing way of sneaking the YES in the backdoor.

And again - those who can't go - IT IS OKAY!  Because there are 175 families who NEED you to stand behind them and support them and encourage them and pray for them and give to them...

This morning I will AGAIN let you meet a few....

Family #1 - The Senti family


Doesn't she look like she needs a Mama?  She has Arthrogryposis like Aaron.  I am happy to support them because I'll let you in on a secret.... They are going to be bringing their sweet one to the SHRINER'S IN PHILLY!  Yep - I'm going to get to hold this little one in the near future so come on... Help this family out so I can see her finally smile!  The Senti family had the breath taken out of them in November, after they committed to Ember, when Thad's dad died in a terrible accident.  It's been rough for them the last few months and they honestly could use help.  They are doing an iPad 2 Giveaway.  They bought it themselves and NEED it to do well.  They are still 11,000 short and are traveling in MAY!  So go donate HERE and you may just win a really cool prize!

Family #2 - The Tam Family

You've seen her picture before.  Her Mama has been trying to do everything possible to raise money for this sweet one and frankly, she's just plain discouraged.  You know what her motto is:  LOVE WINS.   I LOVE that motto.   Renee has been trying to raise money for Paisley but she has also been unbelievable about helping raise money FOR EVERYONE ELSE.  You see she is actually LIVING her motto.  Whenever there is a fundraiser or a need out there - Renee is right smack dab in the middle of that need hollering as loud as she can.  And that touches me deeply because she has her own 10,000 + to raise and it is a struggle.  Right now they are NOT doing a Giveaway but who cares.  Please - let's show Renee that LOVE WINS backwards.  Let's live HER MOTTO and help her family out so they can get this baby girl.  LOVE WINS people.  Renee is a living example of Christ's love winning again and again.  So go HERE and drop sweet Renee an encouraging word of encouragement and drop some money into the Tam family account and BE LOVE today.

#3 - The Burger Family


See this sweet one - clean - sitting in a swing?  Currently he is in an orphanage with TOYS - books - Stimulation!  But not for long.  His Mama and Papa are racing to get him.  He is in the same area as my sweet Jonah (SOMEONE GO GET JONAH!) and Brian will end up as a LOST BOY soon.  By God's grace he has been kept at his orphanage.  Rob and I know well the place where he will be transferred and my heart stops each time I see him.  I have been heaping prayers on his little head that he will STAY where he is.   An iPad 2 Giveaway is being done by the Browning family to raise money for the Burgers.  Love in Action again!  Their blog is HERE.   Go help.  Every single 5.00 bill helps.

#4 The Davis Family


Oh how God has used this sweet boy to change so many hearts. 

Since December I have been rallying people to pray for three families who have been desperately trying to get three little babes with Down Syndrome out of a region that has been closed forever.  One child was rejected (Kirill).  One child WON and one child still waits (Baby J).  The battle continues to be fought across the ocean for the remaining two little ones.  The Davis family is appealing their rejection.   At this point all I can say on this blog is that prayers are needed.  Whispered quiet prayers for all involved in this case.  Please don't post or raise a stir.  Just pray.  A group of Reece's Rainbow Moms who have already brought their sweet ones home have pulled together a Giveway to help the Davis family cover all the extra costs associated with their appeal.  They are trying to raise 15,000 in 7 days to cover all the extra costs.   You can access that Giveaway HERE.

#5 The Cannell Family

Remember John and Carson

They are still working hard to raise the 32,000.00 they need to bring these boys home.  Their Dad just posted a sweet entry on their  blog you can read HERE.  Their Giveaway for the signed football continues. 

Please consider helping these five families.  Share their stories on your blogs and facebook and twitter.  Help them out in their efforts.  Write them a note - let them know you are praying.   

Be the church..



  1. Love does win, it won on the cross and it wins everyday that someone whispers Jesus' name, when they turn to Him. The stone was rolled away and every day since then Love has come out swingin!! Love you, thank you for loving Paisley, she is so precious to me and so are you.

    Love wins,

  2. I love this, Julia, so much. So many families and children in need. How to pick who to support, we all wonder? Just like this. You just start doing it, supporting one family or child at a time. Little bits here and there, or big chunks when its possible. We all need to do something...anything...but something! Give once, give twice, give on a continual basis. It all works. Thank you for all you do to get the word out and spread the love! You are a gem.

  3. I am praying for these sweet children....

    Also for an 8yo little guy named Vanya, Adeye is advocating for him over at

    I am praying for him and considering if we can step forward for him along with Henry...have also let another possible family know about him...


  4. "And tell all those who say they would - Never. Not. Nope. To be careful. Because just about the time that you utter those words.... God has an amazing way of sneaking the YES in the backdoor." You took the words right out of our mouths Julia! And when we touched down from EE I turned to David and said , "Well I'm glad I don't have to do that again" :) God does have a sense of humor Keep the party going!

  5. Thank you so much for caring about Ember and all the other children!

  6. Heartbreaking...thanks for sharing

  7. Oh! Break my heart! Ember looks just like my beautiful little niece! So glad that the sad look on her little face won't last forever! I can't stay away from your blog! I love hearing about all of these precious babies, and I also love how much you love them all!

  8. While I love so, so many of the families that are adopting, Renee and Paisley have a special place in my heart. She gives so much of herself when she is still in need and that just speaks to me.


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