Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Brady and Kirill Update

My thoughts this week are swirling.  There are two little boys, in two separate countries, both blessed with an extra chromosome, whom I have come to love deeply.  Two little cast-aside boys, Kirill and Brady.

Two little boys. With our nation's appalling 90% abortion rate for precious treasures with that special chromosome, neither of them would have even made it out of the starting gate had their parents lived here.

Their own countries also deemed them unworthy, and abandoned them.  Left them behind. Discarded them.  Cast them aside.

Two little boys abandoned, discarded-- but not unloved.

My Dear Brady.

His new parents are there now, visiting him each day.  Holding him.  Loving on him.  And oh how he is drinking it up. He LOVES being held.  He doesn't want his feet down on the ground.  Happy in their arms.  Brady has a Mama and a Papa who want him badly.  Yes, he is a handful.  They will need fast feet and quick hands to catch him.  He will challenge their socks off.  He has spent a year in a mental institute.  But they love him.  Funny little Brady is loved. How precious it has been for me to see pictures and receive e-mails from Melanie over the last few days.  I look forward to each one with joy and excitement.  The Lord is moving in the world of the Lost Boys. Please keep praying hard for the Hartmans.  They are hoping to submit their paperwork to the judge  and to receive their court date soon.  Please pray that everything goes smoothly.  If things go as they should, Brady will be the FIRST special needs child from that institute to go to court in that village.  We did not have court in the village because of a conflict last year over the jury pool.  They need prayers in the coming days that their village can seat a jury and that their judge will grant them a court date.  There are so many unknowns that it is probably wishful thinking to hope that everything will go smoothly for them.  So please pray for everyone involved.  There are gates that need to be knocked down over there.  There are 110 desperately needy Lost Boys who need those gates to come tumbling down.  Please pray.

And Kirill.

Precious Kirill, whom a judge deemed unfit to have a family of his own.  You can read about it HERE and HERE.
Next week, on May 24th, the Davises will stand before the Supreme Court and beg - BEG - for their son. 

Tesney and Greg have been walking through a dark valley these last few months.  Their son is across the ocean, and there is no guarantee that they will ever get to hold him in their arms again. The longing in their hearts grows deeper as the days go by.

And in the midst of their loss and confusion over Kirill, a tornado devastated their hometown.  They were spared, but many of their friends were not.  For the last weeks they have been trying to help pick up the pieces in their neighborhood, with their hearts in a turmoil over their little son across the ocean.

They need our prayers.  The Davis family is gearing up for the battle of their lives and they need us behind them.  Little Kirill needs to come home. 

God is moving in the world of the Lost Boys.  God is moving in Kirill's world too.  Evan Hook is now home.  Kirill's judge CAN say yes.

Our prayers matter.

Our prayers matter because we pray to a Mountain-moving, Orphan-loving, Miracle-working God.

He hears our cries, whether we cry alone or as part of a chorus.

He hears them all.

So pray church.  Pray these two boys home.

They need to come home. 


  1. Every child deserves a family. We will be praying HARD for these two boys, these two families, and the countless others that have been touched by their stories.

    Brooke Annessa

  2. Our Father's Holy Spirit certainly speaks through you, Julia. Thank you for your obedience in sharing your heart and your words. And thank you for the prayer reminders - lifting Brady & Kirill & their families to our God. He reigns!

  3. Oh Dear Lord--move those mountains....I BEG You! You are All Loving....Almighty! Hear our cries for these boys, their families. Bring them home to their families to experience Your Love. Unconditional, pure love. Soften the heart of the judges, gather the jurors that are needed, tie up all loose ends and bring these boys home.

  4. I am so glad for Brady to be able to get a family now. We have to pray hard for Kirill to be able to go home.


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