Sunday, May 15, 2011


It truly is hard sometimes for me to get my brain around the fact that less than a year ago, Aaron had nothing.

He had NO experiences. He had NO possessions. He had NO family. He had NO understanding of the world beyond the walls of the institutes that contained him. He knew nothing about anything. No one taught him color words or how to count. He knew no animals except dogs, cats and one horse.  He knew nothing about birthday parties or presents. 

He only knew that vehicles were "machinas," but he knew nothing about trucks, boats, trains and buses. Nothing. He knew nothing about rivers and oceans. He had never been inside a store or a restaurant. He knew nothing about cultures or people. Nothing. Every single experience outside those walls has been new for him. Every single one.

Yet he doesn't approach the world in terror. He isn't cowering in a corner terrified. He doesn't react to people and places with fear. We don't have to drag him out of the house kicking and screaming. Not Aaron.

The boy who had Nothing can't wait to get in the car. He loves to go for rides. He is thrilled whenever we tell him we are going to do something new. With his family by his side he is willing to go out and do whatever it is that we are doing. He cheerfully sits in the back seat, jabbering away in his budding English about what we are doing and where we are going.

We know where he came from.  We experienced  the world he left behind. Now the Hartmans are there, seeing the sights and sounds of Aaron's old world for themselves as they get to know Judd (whom we knew as Brady when we were there).

Somehow, through all of that, Aaron retained his ability to view his new world with wonder, joy and awe. To watch our little fugitive experience his new world has been unbelievably humbling.

Everyone who meets him and has the privilege of spending a few minutes with him comes away humbled and overcome.  His sweetness.  His love for life.  His joy.  His willingness to engage in conversation.  It takes your breath away.  So many times we watch him, listen to him, laugh at the utter cuteness that is Aaron and wonder aloud - how in the world did we find him?  One little boy.  One of many little Lost Boys.  God is good. 

There are so many more.  Unfound treasures just waiting to take your breath away. 


  1. It's really true. Aaron doesn't watch life go by, he does everything. and I mean EVERYTHING. When he is on the ground and wants to get up, he finds something to push himself up on (btw Julia I have to email you the video I have of that. It's amazing how quickly he gets himself back up and the method that he uses) He makes his bed, puts crayons back in their wrappers, drives his machinas, all using whatever body part works the best.

    He is amazing.

  2. it has been so fun watching him via pictures really come into his own. watching him turn into a confident smiling real life boy so much like other little boys I know.

  3. Aaron is the bravest little boy I know!
    Blessed to know him :)

  4. That first picture is insanely adorable!

  5. It is because he has a loving family, there with him every step of the way. I am sure of that!

  6. Aw man, another great post! I would love 2 be one of the lucky ones who get to meet this little guy too- any chance you guys will be up at the Pathfinders get-together for RR this summer?

  7. What a wonderful chapter in the story of Aaron~~

  8. Its odd, but I sometimes forget he wasn't always yours! He just IS every way the pictures show that he is right where God intended him to be. PS, the giveaway I told you about, that I said you would LOVE, is up on our blog now. It's a necklace with a verse I think you'll like :)

    Brooke Annessa

  9. He seems to be an amazing little boy, even after all he has been through, and seen in his young life. All he needed was someone to love him just the way he is, and someone to say that he is worth it. Thank you for giving him that love and the chance to show the world that he is worth it!!!!!

  10. Love seeing that huge smile on his face!!

  11. It IS hard to believe how well he's assimilated into your family and culture. Only God.

    Oh, and I won't be going to the NC Homeschool Convention after all. :( I was so hoping to meet you and your family! I have family coming into town now so that trumps the conference.

    Hope you do well there!

  12. I marvel at this too, and such a gift that you get an up close and personal view of all of these things happening for him for the first time. He's doing so well, he never belonged in that place and it will be heartwarming FOREVER that he is now home.


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