Wednesday, June 15, 2011

These Days...

These days it is hard to take pictures of the little one without also taking pictures of his bike.

Unless friends or cousins show up and he has share... OH THE AGONY....

Fortunately we have several other riding options for our playmates....

And Big Brothers who are willing to make it fun for everyone....

So our littlest is free to ride fastin' fastin' on Aaron's bike!


  1. What wonderful pictures of all your boys! :-) Is Aaron able to steer and brake better now? I would think this would be TERRIFIC therapy for strengthening his hands!

  2. Such a joy to see that he has the same huge, bright smile as your older boys! A sign of lots of good love at home!

  3. I love his bike, that is too cool. Your boys are looking so grown up.

  4. I love "fastin' fastin'"! Makes me smile every time :)

    Any update on little Jonah? We're praying hard over here - our little guy also has Apert Syndrome.

    Thanks for all you do here. Your blog is a delight!

  5. I love getting my Aaron fix!

    Brooke Annessa


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