Thursday, June 16, 2011

Urgent Prayer Request

UPDATE:  Belle is doing better.  She is now responding and getting fiesty!! Praise God.  Thank you for praying and keep them coming. 

Okay - There is a sweet baby who just arrived in the last few months from Aaron's country who is in desperate need of our prayers.  Her name is Belle and I had the privilege and joy of following her story home.  Just yesterday her parents announced their desire to go back and get another sweet one.  That amazing news has just been trumped by the reality that Belle is having seizures and is completely unresponsive.  Please. Pray.


  1. Just read their blog. Big prayers going up, and big tears coming down. Dear Jesus, be with sweet Belle, guard her and keep her safe!

  2. Poor sweetie. I have followed her journey for a while. Definitely praying!

  3. Julia, Summers son Connor just wrote and update!

  4. We are praying! She is now responsive, thank God!

    Brooke Annessa


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