Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Focus

This last week's posts have drained me.  I'm exhausted and irritable, and have not been the best of company (just ask my boys). We are already swimming in writing projects, because we are racing to get TWO books published for BiblioPlan by the middle of August (the revised Ancients Companion and the revised Modern Companion). The proof copy of our first professionally printed Ancients Companion arrived yesterday, and we were elated and overwhelmed at the same time.  So much to do, and so little time in which to do it. Coupling all of that with writing about the Lost Boys is hard. 

But I am committed to sharing about the Lost Boys, and the Hartmans and I are trying to hatch a plan to help them; so I will continue to write those posts that make my heart want to burst.

But not today.
Today, I want to mention an adoptive family, the Wojcik family.  Last year they adopted a little girl from Aaron's country: Milana.

This year they have felt God calling them to get another little one from another country.  The process is different in that country, and they need a large chunk of change up front before they can commit to the child.  Unfortunately, they have only a short window of opportunity in which to raise that money before the little one they desire to adopt becomes unadoptable.  The amount they need is in the thousands. 

So they are doing an Ipad2 Giveway to try to raise the money they need.

Would you please consider making a donation of 10.00 or more to help this sweet, God-honoring family?

Their link is HERE.

Would you also please SHARE their Ipad giveaway on your blogs and on FB? 

Thank you! Thank you!

And, by the way, guess who has a family?

Carlene! Yes she does!!

And guess who is busting out of that orphanage gate???

Yep, Jonah and his sister Alina are busting out soon!! 

Praise God!  Praise God!

But there are so many more....

Lest we forget that, take another look at what BEING TRANSFERRED MEANS:

This is Teri Lynn in her baby house:

A pretty little girl with rosy cheeks and a cute pony tail.
This is Teri Lynn after her TRANSFER to an institution for older children with special needs:

With her buzz-cut hair and pale skin, we hardly recognize her.
Teri Lynn will be a Lost treasure unless someone goes to get her.

Do you see the contrast?  She was transferred.  She went from a baby house orphanage to a special needs institute.  We saw the stark contrast between those two places with our own eyes.

Please consider adopting her or donating to her grant fund.  The link is HERE.  Right now there is only a little over $300 in her fund.  Every little bit helps.  Just ask Jonah's family: the $5,000 + in his account that we helped raise was EXACTLY what they needed.  Ask the family who just committed to Carlene.  She has $11655.50 in her account, and I'll bet their story is similar. Grant money matters. It helps to remove one of the major obstacles that stands in the way of adoptions, the heavy financial  burden.

And ask the Wojcik family. Their struggle to raise money is SO DIFFICULT.  They would cross the ocean in a heartbeat if it weren't for that heavy financial burden. 

On this Friday, as you plan your cookouts and fun activities, please consider taking a small portion of what you plan to spend and donate it to the Wojciks. Or put an offering in Teri Lyn's account. Or both. Help bring a couple more lost kids home.


  1. Thank you for sharing, Julia. I know sometimes it's at a personal cost, but we appreciate it and God sees! I'll be praying for you this week :)

  2. Do the Wojciks live iin VA? I think maybe I met them and their daughter very briefly at the Kluge Childrens Rehab Center. I kept wishing I had gotten an email or something from that couple!

  3. thankyou so much julia for posting, even when stretchd and pushed by life! these children need a constant voice yelling for them, thanks for all you do xxx i am adding this post to my linkup so as many people as possible visit xxxx

  4. I am SO SO thankful that Carlene found her family! Teri Lyn breaks my heart...I hope we can all work together to advocate and find her a family soon before it's too late...

    Lord knows we've seen it be "too late" too many times...

    Brooke Annessa

  5. Important to note that Teri Lynn's 'transformation' was after only 3 weeks in the institution.

    I think Carlene's family will be announcing themselves this week...

    Can't wait to hear about yours and the Hartman's plans!


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