Thursday, July 14, 2011


Our little water boy has learned a NEW trick.

Yes he has, and he is quite proud of this new skill.

Watch carefully what the Marvelous Aaron Nalle can do with his arms:

From this.....

To this.....

Catch that??

Not sure what you just witnessed???

Our little guy has never in his life been able to go into the crawl position, because his arms and hands have always been too weak to support him.

But once he gets in the water, he can crawl all he likes.

He can go from sitting to crawling...

And that makes for one happy little boy.

And very proud parents.

P.S.We are so glad that we decided to take the summer off from surgeries for Aaron.  It has been a blessing to see him swimming and playing without worrying about all of the travel and the casts and the therapy sessions.

In mid-August, Aaron is scheduled for surgery on his right arm to unlock his elbow. It's a pretty scary surgery: it involves moving the tendon and cutting and rotating the bones. It all sounds extremely painful. We are not looking forward to the ordeal, especially because we know that it may be only the first in a long line of surgeries to help him gain better use of his arms and hands.


  1. Aaron is so awesome. Julia, look how far he has come in such a short time. Imagine the doors this surgery will unlock, literally and physically, for him...So proud of him, so very, very proud. His story, his little life, blows me away.

  2. Hada- shoo Aaron !!! Keep up the great work. I'm sure your Mama was grinning ear to ear when she saw you crawl.
    You'll probably get to meet Madeline in September .... hope so.
    Madeline's Mama

  3. Go Aaron! I think you were smart to take the summer off. Sam is going to have some (minor) surgery & weekly casting (nothing like poor Aaron goes through), but I told them we werent doing anything till the fall. Boys need to swim and play in sand in the summer! Praying for Aaron's upcoming surgery! It does sound complex and painful:( He is such a brave guy!

  4. Aw, Julia!!!! I love seeing this! Sweet Aaron! <3

  5. YAY! I knew what I saw before I read your explanation! So exciting!!

  6. Go Aaron! So glad he's having fun! Praising God! We'll be praying for his up-coming surgeries.

  7. Awesome! Way to go, Aaron!!!
    We'll bee up in September for a couple casts. Maybe we'll see you then!
    Praying for Aaron!

  8. YAY, AARON!!!!!!

    what great progress he has made thru playing in the water. keep up the great work/play!!!!

    i take the arthritis assoc water aquatics. it's exciting to see (over time) individuals increase their range-of-motion, strength and mobility. of course, results vary with each one of us - but exercising in the water is easier on our joints and muscles.

  9. Oh my goodness look at that! A little hydro-therapy and he's good to go! Go Aaron Go!

  10. I love to see him so happy. What an accomplishment. So glad he gets to just be a little boy for the summer. I think it will be one he will never forget :)

  11. HAPPY tears!! Gooo sweet Aaron!! <3

  12. Oh Aaron!!!! How awesome!!!!

    Brooke Annessa

  13. Way to Go Aaron!!! Thanks for sharing your good news -- I love to hear what you can do!

  14. go Aaron go :).. water is really great for therapy :).. they don't realize it cuz they are having fun.. Good luck with the surgery.. My little guy had something similar but was a little less involved as it didn't concern his tendons or bone... Will be keeping him and you guys in my thoughts :)

  15. Yay, Aaron!! Way to go, Bud!! We are celebrating with you all!! Crawling and using all 4 main limbs in coordination is supposed to help in learning to read...May it payoff in language development too...

  16. OH my gosh- congrats! That is SO exciting- you guys must be ECSTATIC! Praying for your surgery Aaron buddy!

  17. I'm praying for his upcoming surgery. I LOVE these photos, he has come so far!! What a sweetheart!! What joy to see him interact with kids with such confidence!! To see him not an orphan but a regular little boy in a pool! My heart is bursting with joy!!

  18. Aren't those moments so exciting??!!! His smile says it all. And thanks again for recommending and talking me through the Google Chrome thing. I'm finally able to comment on blogs again!!! Woo hoo!!!


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