Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Amazing Boy

When we walked back to recovery and saw Aaron for the first time we both just about lost it.  He was crying out in pain and his arm...well....  They told us he would be in a SPLINT coming out of surgery.  It was the strangest, most cumbersome looking splint I have ever seen.

We both started crying as we rushed over to comfort him.  His crying did not take us by surprise.  We fully expected him to be crying.  The last time he came out of surgery he was angry, combative and screamed all the way back to Virginia. We were prepared for the worst though we had asked the anesthesiologists to see if they could do something to prevent it from happening again.  It was the arm contraption that was knocking us both for a loop.

But after about 5 minutes of crying, Aaron slipped into a peaceful sleep.  It lasted for hours.  While he was out, we were able to examine the contraption on Aaron's arm and talk extensively to one of the two surgeons who operated on him.  (Dr. Zlotolow).  He was so kind to take the time to explain everything in terms we could understand.  They were well pleased with the surgery.  It was not perfect because Aaron is older and this is a surgery they do on much younger children.  But it was at the next best level.  The simple version - they were able to rotate his arm and get it into an angle that will allow him to feed himself.  I'm not going to even try to give the long version!!

We are so grateful for the Shriner's doctors.  Their care and concern for our son touches us deeply.  As we stood there with tears in our eyes and talked to Dr. Zlotolow, we realized anew how blessed we have been to find a hospital that actively pursues the best in the world for the benefit of children like Aaron.  All three of Aaron's doctors are outstanding.  Both of the arm surgeons worked on our little guy yesterday.   What a comfort to know that he was in excellent hands!

Our littlest did not wake up until he was back in the room and we had sent out our "Oh My Heart" picture post and FB update.  When he did awaken, he was calm, a bit loopy, pain free, talking and starving.  He spent the next three hours focused solely and completely on food.

He went from ice chips to juice to jello to 3 packs of crackers to an entire turkey sandwich loaded with turkey, lettuce, tomato and cheese.  After he took the last bite he rolled over and promptly fell asleep.

He woke only to use the bathroom or when the buzzers would sporadically start going off and the nurses would have to run in the room and try to figure out what was happening.  Most of the time it was the contraption on the end of his finger that was not cooperating. 

As I ministered to my little son throughout yesterday and through the night, I was amazed at his attitude.    He had people poking and prodding him all day yesterday. Despite this, he was jolly with most everyone who walked in his room.  His arm was stuck in a position that is most definitely awkward and miserable.  Yet he didn't complain or strike out at us for causing him to have this new and strange torture device. His sleep was interrupted over and over again through the night, yet he took it in stride.  He kept checking on me to make sure I was in a bed and I was comfortable.  His sweetness level was just plain off the charts.

He is an amazing boy with an amazing ability to find joy in the simplest of pleasures. 

He completely humbles me.

As for me....


I only had one mini-crisis over the loss of my slippers.

Okay - maybe it wasn't mini. 

I wear my slippers ALL. THE. TIME. 

Every year for Christmas  I get a new pair because I wear out the old one.

They are always on my feet!

But not last night.


We left them at the hotel across town.

Never to be seen again because we are NOT going to drive down that boulevard if we can help it.

So I was forced to go without my slippers for the night.

I'm walking around the hospital room in socks.  Rob's socks. 

Missing my slippers and wondering how in the WORLD I am ever going to make it to Christmas!!


Addendum to this post...... Do NOT get me slippers.  I wrote that as a joke and to illustrate what a baby I am compared to my son!!!  All of you who saw the picture of the slippers... delete that from your brains... PLEASE!!


  1. What a trooper! My girls were so concerned last night about Aaron's pain management - very worried that he wouldn't get enough meds to stay ahead of the pain. I'll be glad to reassure them this morning.

    You do realize that by Christmas you will likely have more slippers than you know what to do with, don't you? *grin* Of course, we're left to guess your size - but I'll wager an 8.

  2. I was thinking 8 initially, too, but Julia is petite...yes?


  3. Oh Julia, what your sweet boy has had to endure his entire life and to go through this and be smiling even a little is just a testament to our Lord Jesus... Precious Aaron, if each of us could carry just an ounce of your pain you would be floating on cloud nine and bending that arm like nobody's business. Love you friend....time for some new kicks for you too. :)


  5. Oh, your sweet, precious boy. I'm praying he recovers quickly and that the pain will be as minimal as possible. What a blessing to know that through Christ, our boys can have new bodies one day-- ones that move and bend and jump and run. Sounds like your slippers are kind of a security. When everything is stressful, I'm sure it helps to have the comforts of home.

  6. I feel like your going to be getting a lot of!


  7. So happy to hear that Aaron is doing well after his surgery. What a sweet boy! I will keep praying that the rest of his recovery goes well and I won't mail any slippers.

  8. LOL - I see many many many pairs of slippers in your future !! Maybe you'll have to have a slipper auction :)

  9. The anesthetic makes him cranky and screamy after the procedure. It's a side effect of the med not a true representation of the pain at that moment. As you saw it wears off quickly, part of the beauty of the med when you need it.
    He looks great. I hope they continue some pain meds as you head home, just in case. Best wishes!

  10. Sweet Aaron. He's going through so much, and just wants to make sure his mama is OK. Give him a big hug for us.

  11. I think you may have created a new ministry...slippers for moms with little ones in the hospital. The slipper socks they give you are poor to say the least :D
    I'm glad Aaron is hanging in there, prayers for you and yours \o/

  12. So glad he is doing well. What a sweet boy...I pray his recovery is quick.

  13. Feel better soon, sweet boy. Hugs to mom and dad.

  14. Simply humbling to read your post, a reminder to keep perspective about what is and isn't a "big deal". Your boy is such a trooper...and so is his family :) Prayers for continued endurance for all. Blessings, Jennifer

  15. You are such a sweet woman. I love watching your family and how you deal with your trials. I think you should say in your post in lieu of slippers please send donations to ... Whatever child you are desperately worried about tonight because I know your heart is still heavy for the ones left behind. Just tell your concerned readers you would sleep much better knowing they sent money to the child of your choosing instead of 20 pairs of slippers :)

    Praying for your incredibly strong little boy.

    Carlene's soon to be momma :)

  16. Praying for all of you. His arm actually looks like it's in a natural position under all the wrappings, it's probably HOT and heavy though! You are in a hospital BTW, do they not have an extra pair of hospital socks you can wear? I LOVE those!

  17. Prayers for Aaron's continued courage and healing!! Okay and for a new pair of slips for mama!!

  18. He is more precious every photo you post. I could just reach in and (((HUG))) him. Sending all our love and we continue praying. (((HUGS)))

  19. ok, i won't send you slippers .... only because i know how particular i am about the slippers i select for myself (comfortable, washable, the color of dirt (lol) and easy to slip-on & -off)

    your son is such a trooper. awed by his patience and concern for others. wow - i need to take some lessons from aaron.

  20. I love him and you so very much!


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!