Thursday, August 18, 2011


We are home. 

But Aaron is ready to make the long drive back to Philly to tell that 'silly' doctor (in his limited vocabulary, silly is the VERY WORST word he can think of to indicate total distaste for someone) and get him to take that cast off his arm.  He cried a good bit of the evening and through the night - each time the pain medicine wore off.  We gave him Melatonin along with the pain medicine so he was able to sleep when he wasn't hurting.

It's going to be a rough couple of days for him.

We got a few smiles out of him when we took him outside and helped him fly some of the Air Hogs he got for his birthday.

Don't be fooled - these were just about the ONLY real smiles we got out of him last night!!

Can you see the helicopter??

I'm grateful for big brothers....

This morning....

Well.... I'll let the picture indicate how he feels about his current state of affairs..


  1. Oh poor guy ... though admittedly that sad face made me giggle just a little ... it just doesn't work for him! He's SO MUCH better at SMILING! Feel better smiling Aaron! By the way, how long before he's only encumbered by the cast vs. all the chest wraps?

  2. Aaron will be in the crazy contraption for 4 1/2 weeks and then will switch over to a less cumbersome splint for around 4 weeks.

  3. Oh Aaron - prayers for you ALL during this time!


  4. Sweet Aaron! We're praying that the pain fades quickly and he's back to his smiley, cheerful self.

  5. oh Julia he is so beautiful. Hope he is feeling better soon and that dazzling smile comes back.

  6. Oh Sweet, Sweet Boy!!!! Praying for super speedy recovery!!!

  7. Poor man! But his arm looks to be in a normal position, right? That must be exciting to finally see that even with 100lbs of bandages and cast!

  8. YES - Aaron's arm is now in the correct position!

  9. Praying the time passes quickly for him, and that he will soon be pain free!

  10. I just wanted you to know that I will be praying for all of you at this time. May God give you the wisdom, grace, and strength to be able to comfort little Aaron at this time, and may he grow to be a mighty man of God!
    ~ Juliana Keulen

  11. Poor Boy! But think of the joy when he can feed himself, play with his toys - oh how much fun he will have then!


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