Friday, August 19, 2011

Fatherless Friday...

It has been a hard week in the Reece's Rainbow world.  The exposed horrors in one orphanage across the ocean have caused many to sit up and take notice.  The pictures of two little 9 and 11 year old emaciated girls with Down Syndrome have moved a lot of people out of their complacency. 

Almost 22,000 dollars was raised to help RANSOM a little girl from her horrible situation in LESS THAN 24 hours.

How can you not be moved to action after seeing these girls?


How can you stand quietly by knowing there are eleven more precious treasures in the SAME desperate condition as they are? 

It is heart wrenching. 

I scarcely know how to respond.

Seeing how many have posted the story across the internet I know I am NOT alone. 

We feel so helpless and overwhelmed when we see such need. 

We wonder how man can do such evil to man.

We cry out against the ugliness and the horror of it all.

We do what we can.

We pray.

We yell and holler and advocate.

We weep.

And we do everything we can to support the families who are sacrificing everything to rescue these and so many more.

There are 2 families who are so CLOSE to traveling.

One family, the Taylors, has been on my heart for months now. 

They have been through the wringer with their adoption. 

Their story is unusual and complicated (so bear with me ) in that they committed to a little guy whose real name was Sasha.  They fell in love with his picture and a video taken of him last fall.  I featured that video on my blog and begged for a family to go get him.  From what we all understood - Sasha (Alexander) had been transferred but was still available for adoption.

Well - it was true.  SASHA HAD been transferred - but not the Sasha in the picture and video.  The Sasha in the picture and video was another little guy.  Both Sasha's were born in the same year and both have Down Syndrome.

Does this mix-up surprise me.

Not a bit.

Our Aaron's name at the institute was Vanya (it is now his middle name).  In his group there were at least 2 other Vanyas.  There was also at least one more Vanya that we know of in one of the other groups.  I am sure that if we had a chance to dig - we would have found a whole lot more.  Vanya is one of the John Doe names that they seem to like to give to orphans.  The other John Doe name is Sasha.  At Aaron's institute - both of the older boys with DS were called Sasha.  The little boy who sat at Aaron's table was Sasha.  One of the older boys in the same group was Sasha.  Do you get it? 

Vanya - Sasha

Two John Doe names.

Because of the similiarities in names and the similarities in age and condition, the files were mixed.  The picture submitted to the SDA of the one Sasha was the wrong picture. 

By God's grace the mix-up was realized and the real Sasha now has a family who is going for him.

The Sasha (Alexander) that the Taylors thought they were adopting was actually not released for adoption by his family.

This put the Taylors in a real bind.

Do they wait to find out if the family would release him or do they choose another child. 

They dearly loved Alexander.  It was a gut-wrenching decision.

I have been beyond impressed with their faith in this whole situation.  While many would be bitter and rant and rave against the powers that be who made the mistake, they have tried hard to keep their eyes fixed on the One who is over and above the entire situation.  While many would be pointing fingers, they have realized that 3 boys have hope instead of one.  While many would be angry and choose to walk away, they have chosen to stay the course.

After much prayer, soul searching and counsel, the Taylors made the decision that they needed to let Alexander (Sasha) go.  They decided to move forward with another child, Andriy, and place Alexander in the Lord's hands.


It was a hard decision and with it came the reality that though they were FULLY FUNDED with Alexander, they were NOT with Andriy.  This is because the money in Alexander's account stays with him and so only the money that was donated directly to the Taylors is theirs to keep.

This meant they were over 6,000 short.  Yet they believed that despite the shortfall, this is the right direction for their family.

Yesterday two things happened - their dossier was submitted in Andriy's country and Alexander was refused by his family. Though this means he will be available - it will be another THREE MONTHS before he can be legally adopted.

The timing actually affirmed for the Taylor's that their decision was good and right for their family because they are traveling within a month.  They would NOT have been able to get Alexander.

Yes their hearts are broken but God is healing them and they are rejoicing that Andriy is coming home.

They are still a little over 4,000 short of what they need.

Please let's bless this family - their faith - their willingness to keep their eyes focused on the Lord through the entire situation.  Please stand with them in support and love as they let go of the child who led them to adopt in the first place.  They have a Giveaway going on their blog. 

Please click HERE and help. 

When Alexander/Sasha is again available for adoption - I will be shouting with the Taylors to find him a family!!!


I have one more family I want to tell you about this morning.

The CENTER FAMILY is adopting Wallace and they are thousands of dollars short.  They leave on September 11 to go get their cutie.

That is less than THREE WEEKS.


You can link to it HERE.

Wallace is beautiful and healthy right now.  He is not emaciated and at the edge of death.  But his future is grim if left where he is.  PRAISE GOD his family responded to the Holy Spirit whispering.  Praise God they are going.  Let's help them church!!  

We can't physically cross the ocean and address the issues of neglect and abuse. We can support the families who are going to get some of the children out.  One by one - every little bit - it makes a difference.  Just read THIS BLOG to see how God uses the families who are adopting to change the hearts of the directors and caretakers and other powers that be over there.  It seems so trivial - one child - one adoption - when millions are laying in cribs - but each one has an affect. 

And every time we give, support, pray, encourage - every single time we take part in small or big ways - we are helping to make a difference. 

As Adeye said this week... IT IS OUR PROBLEM.


  1. Julia, honey, I love your heart. I can hear your words of comfort in my ears. Thank you for your support and sharing our story of Alexander, redemption and Andriy. You humble me. God bless you. I love you.

  2. Thank you Julia. Again, beautiful words and a witness to the heart of God.



  3. Thank you so much for your words for these beautiful children. And thank you from the bottom of my heart for advocating for the Taylors. Christie has become my "sister", which make "nephew". I know that God's got this in His hand. The Taylors WILL be funded!!

  4. It is our issue - so so true. And God can move mountains!


  5. I am in awe at what Reeces Rainbow has achieved for so many children.

    I am still so deeply worried about the children that are left behind, and I keep thinking about the children that did not make it. I did not know them, but I can't forget about them. I pray that some day orphans don't have to suffer anymore. Someday people will see them and hear them and take care of them, one at the time, until all of them are home.


  6. It's heart wrenching what is happening in some of the orphanages. I've followed the Taylor's story for quite some time...their story is heart wrenching too. I've been pondering all week "when is enough, enough" for us that have so much when others have so little. Hugs

  7. Thanks for sharing their story so beautifully and eloquently.

  8. Julia,
    Thank you for sharing what you are. Thank you for the link to Jim and Susanna's blog. I have been so blessed - my eyes are being opened. God is showing me the great selfishness in my heart - and the GREAT love He has for me!!!
    Thank you for posting these things that are hard - but we need to hear them and see them. Thank you for being an advocate for those who cannot speak up for themselves!
    Brianna D.


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