Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Not Excited About Today. Nope.

Guess what we are doing today???

You will never ever guess in a million years.

The very LAST thing that either Rob or I would EVER EVER EVER volunteer to do...

But we couldn't say no.

We are way too grateful to Shriners to ever say no.

So we are gritting our teeth and driving to Richmond today.

So we can be filmed with Aaron in a commercial for Shriners.

Anyone who knows Rob is laughing their guts out about right now..... Getting him to even look into a regular camera is an amazing feat.

And me.... As soon as I even see a moving camera, my tongue gets stuck to the roof of my mouth.

On top of that..... We have NOTHING to wear.


We are country bumpkins.  We live in jeans and t-shirts all day every day.

I don't wear makeup.

I don't have fancy clothes.

But we can't say no.

So we are driving to Richmond today.  We have NO IDEA what is going to be involved.  We just know that we have been given much in the last 10 months - more than we could ever repay.

So we are agreeing to do what we never ever in a million years would ever volunteer to do.

Honestly, we are hoping that they will cut all of our scenes, zoom in on Aaron's cute dimples and call it a day!!


  1. Good luck! That is so cool and you guys are gonna be great!

  2. Wow! I can't wait to see it, since I know you'll just be bustin at the seams to show it off to us...ha! :) It is a cool opportunity to share your story though. I hope you guys have a fun day together!

  3. Prayers for a safe travel and that you are able to enjoy your 15 minutes!


  4. Good luck - I would feel the same!! Even if they don't zoom in on Aaron - Everyone will be focused on him - he is so radiant!

  5. I hope you can somehow post it when you're done!

  6. Oh Julia, you will all do wonderful because you are who you are. You guys are amazing and real and full of love for Aaron and all that were left behind. I would watch any commercial your family was in - jeans, no make-up and all. Good luck.

    Carlene's soon to be momma :)

  7. I know it's all going to work out. You'll do fine. This is just so exciting. And anyone who sees that sweet smile is going to love it. Hugs

  8. Oh Julia! You don't need makeup and fancy clothes!!! The beauty of Rob's and your souls is more radiant than any clothing or makeup. You 2 and Aaron will own that camera!

  9. awe Julia....I would feel EXACTLY the same way!!!
    But bless your heart for doing it anyway!

    And I think you're beautiful inside and if that's what it means to be a country bumpkin, then there should be MORE of them in the world!

    <3 Jodi L


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!