Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Feeling a little earthquakey here... Considering the epicenter was only about 40 miles away... I'm NOT surprised!! 

When the entire house started shaking and things were falling off walls etc.... I ran into the living room, grabbed Aaron and headed for a tiny little hallway on our first floor.  Elijah - being the smart Boy Scout BUT obedient son that he is - stood in the hall with me but kept telling me that we are SUPPOSED TO GO OUTSIDE!  I was of course too SHAKEN UP to think about what he was saying so we stayed put....

Guess what... when an earthquake hits... the best place to go is..... OUTSIDE!

Okay - in my defense.... I am NOT a Boy Scout and the last time I took a class on what to do in an earthquake was in elementary school!!

The aftershocks are not lasting long enough for me to put my newfound knowledge into practice.

Hope it stays that way!!


  1. I'm an ex southern California girl. We used to have earth quake drills. We were taught to get in a door jam or under a table.

  2. So glad you guys are OK! We felt the quake here in Philly and it was pretty strong, I can only imagine what it was like there. Scary!! Kudos to your son for knowing what to do and also for staying with you!!!

  3. Felt it here in Ohio, too, but not to the extent that you did! So glad you are all OK!!

  4. We felt it too!!! All the way in Raleigh, NC! I knew right away it was an earthquake but had no idea it was all the way up in VA!!! My first one! Now we're getting ready for Irene. You know what this means don't you? Come, Lord Jesus, Come!

  5. Its been reported here in Michigan that it was felt but I didn't feel a thing. Glad that it wasn't worse for you.

  6. Glad you are all okay...it was CRAZY! We had to evacuate the building and I still am missing one of the heels i took off to run out of the building!


  7. The earthquake was freaky. I thought I'd overloaded my washing machine until I remembered I wasn't doing laundry! Glad everyone is okay.

  8. You were the first ones we thought of when we heard about it! So glad you are all okay and safe!!


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