Friday, September 9, 2011

Fatherless Friday

So here's the scoop.... A little less than two years ago I stumbled upon Reece's Rainbow. 

Since we were NOT going to EVER adopt a child with special needs, I felt quite safe looking at all the pictures of the kids on the website.  I could pray and care but didn't have any thoughts in my brain of ever actually getting one.  It was not on our radar. 

Each year for Christmas in Rob's family they draw names.  That Christmas we were given the names of Rob's two nephew-in-laws.  I thought it would be cool to pick two boys off the Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree, make a donation to their grant accounts and use that as part of their gifts. 

Picking was hard.  I looked and looked and after a lot of consideration, I picked two little guys who had NO money in their accounts and who had a list of woes that would stop any heart.  Sadly, I figured that neither boy stood much chance of ever being adopted.  The strikes against them were pretty high. 

A few days after Christmas, December 27th to be exact, I decided to see if anyone else had donated money into the accounts of my two little guys.  While I was looking, I ended up stumbling upon a picture of a little boy in a red striped shirt with the words:  HELP I HAVE JUST BEEN TRANSFERRED written boldly under his name.

And well, you know THAT story.... THAT story is currently sleeping in his bed while I type out this Fatherless Friday story....

But what about the two little guys....

The two little Angel Tree guys whom I picked so long ago?

Artem K and Emory..


The two little boys with no money and little hope?

The two little Lost Boys?

Both of them had captured my heart.  I longed for them to find families.  I watched and prayed for over a year and a half.  Checking, praying, hoping.  But for some reason, I never really blogged about them, apart from just one or two times.  Not for lack of concern.   Quite the opposite.  I loved both of these little boys.  They helped lead us to Aaron.  They are beyond precious to me.  I have lifted them to the throne over and over again. No, I didn't blog for lack of concern or interest.  It was an inability to get on paper my heart for these two treasures.  I never had the words.  They meant too much.    Each glance at their faces caused me to cave in.  Groan out to the Lord to find them a family.  Plead for their lives. 

I couldn't blog until today.

You see, tomorrow morning - bright and early - a young married couple, with their little girl in tow, will be crossing the ocean.

They are getting Emory.

God heard my groans.  He heard the cries of a helpless little boy across the ocean. 

He heard and answered.  Emory has a family coming.

The day I found out I dropped to my knees.

Grateful beyond words yet pleading for the other. 

Wearing a Pooh Bear shirt under his overalls. 

Five years old.  Blessed with an extra chromosome.  Born to an alcoholic mother.  Abused and neglected by her for his first year of life.  He now sits in a baby house.  But not for long.  He is due for transfer soon. 

He needs a Mama. Someone to love him.  Cherish him.  Hold him.

On Wednesday Artem had a little over 3,000.00 in his grant account.

On Thursday he had 7,423.00 in his grant account. 

My heart stopped when I saw that.

God is on the move.

He is answering.

I can't help but blog.  Emory has a family and GOD IS MAKING A WAY FOR ARTEM.

I am not the only one who has been longing and praying for Artem to find a home.  My dear bloggy friend Patti has been shouting for a long time for him.  

Please shout with us.  Pray with us.  Share sweet Artem's picture.  Help us find this little guy a family.   Donate to his grant account. TAKE PART IN WHAT GOD IS DOING!



  1. I believe with everything in me that prayer moves the hand of God. God is on the move for Artem, because so many have covered him in prayer! Thank you for being one of them and for sharing about Artem K.

  2. oooooh PRAISE GOD!!! I didn't even notice that his grant moved!! HAPPY TEARS!!!

  3. Oh, PRAISE THE LORD for a mommy and daddy for Emory! His sweet face has been on our fridge since two Christmases ago, and I have prayed and prayed... oh, how I have prayed for that little guy's family to find him... wondering, wishing at times that it could be us... but the Lord knows best. Hallelujah!

    Praying for Artem now.

  4. Got goose bumps reading this...He certainly is on the move and I am so encouraged to see what He has in store for Artem.


  5. Keep posting....we found our son from your blog :) He had been on several but it was yours we saw first and now he has a family!! BTW we weren't adopting right now either...God is awesome like that!

  6. I was so excited to Hear Artem recieved another little boys grant

  7. So glad...just wanted you to know what you do makes a difference :)

  8. Wonderful news about Emory. Praise God!!!

    Praying with you for Artem. What a sweet looking child, a darling.

    Tammy, ON, Canada


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