Sunday, September 18, 2011

Free Lily!!

Would you PLEASE do me a favor on this fine Sunday morning??

Would you PLEASE go to THIS BLOG and free sweet Lily??

Her mom, Patti, has gone a little bit crazy in an effort to raise money for the Quinn family who is adopting this sweet treasure from one of those Eastern European countries with a high price tag...


Patti is doing an awesome Giveaway on her blog that will be handed over to the Quinn's tomorrow but before that happens she has decided to hold her sweet Lily Hostage until her demands are met.

I have not  been able to see any pictures of Lily since Friday.

I won't get to see any pictures of her again until her demands are met.

I love Lily.

She makes me laugh and rejoice each time I see her.

No - she is NOT adopted.

Nope - she is NOT a Reece's Rainbow kid.

She is a born-in-the USA precious treasure who was BLESSED with an extra chromosome and who was BLESSED to be given to parents who CHOSE LIFE. 

They CHOSE life.  They CHOSE Lily.

See why I NEED you to go free her?

Her mom has gone off the deep end!!

PLEASE PLEASE - I need My Lily.  I need to see her sweet face. I need her daily smiles.

Go HERE and help free Lily.

Go not just to free Lily though... go to help a family who committed to their little one despite having FIVE DOLLARS in her grant account.  They jumped off the cliff to bring home a child from an expensive country in FULL FAITH that God would provide. 

Go... PLEASE.  Help free Lily and in the process... help free AUTUMN.


  1. hahahahaha you are the best, Julia!! :) Lots of traffic and donations already coming in. Big smoochies from the Lilygirl! oxox

  2. haha! Love this!


  3. very cute! I am Autumn's mommy and wanted to thank you for spreading the word and blogging to help bring her home and of course, to help free Lily :) Hopefully she will be freed soon!!


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