Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gotcha - A Year Later

I planned on finishing the story today.  Honestly I did. But I'm drained.  I need more time. 

Instead I will share a few less intense thoughts from Gotcha Day.

A year ago today.

Though Aaron could walk, Rob carried him out of the gates.

For the rest of the day, Aaron's feet rarely hit the ground.

Rob had no interest in letting him go.

Until he was tucked safely in his bed that night.

It was appropriate for Rob to carry him out.

It fit.

You see on the day I first saw Aaron's picture, back on December 27, 2010...The day I saw his picture with the words 'HELP I HAVE BEEN TRANSFERRED' written in bold face under it... On that day....The first day I saw our son smiling at me in a cute little red striped shirt - A very vivid picture came to my mind.  

As I looked at the little boy in the red striped shirt I saw Rob holding him in his arms.

In his arms.

I pictured Aaron in Rob's arms.

Thus, it fit for Rob to carry Aaron out of that mental institute.

It was how I envisioned it from the very first day that the Holy Spirit whispered.. this is your son!

Go Get Him. 

It fit.


  1. What a wonderful day to celebrate! It feels like it's been longer than a year in a good way--like he's been a part of your family for so much longer! I feel that way about Nadia as well.

    Happy Gotcha Day Aaron! Your story has touched many, many lives!!!

  2. I remember when you posted, as it was happening a year ago. The Little Fugitive. And yet, even a year later, new details are coming out.

    We are richer for reading your story.

    I hope that we will be able to adopt another. Our lives are so enriched by our son. Best decision I have ever made.

  3. Do you have any video of Aaron? I'd love to hear him speaking! I'm really curious about his voice and how his words are coming together this past year!

    And how is that arm of his right now? Is his pain gone, is he able to flex it on his own? It looked like he didn't move his fingers a lot while in the cast (this is of course my crude observation from photographs) but his fingers always seemed to be straight out. Does he use his fingers?

    Lastly, did you get photos of any of the xrays, I'm so intrigued about the original state of his bones and tendons and muscles and ligaments and how they are able to reposition them and make them functional... like how that works! (I foresee a long night of googling ahead of me)

    Sorry for so many intrusive questions/requests!

    lol :-)

  4. Anonymous - We are LOUSY at video and have nothing that is worth watching!! Aaron has a speaking vocab of about 200 words. He has a cute speech pattern - typical of a very young child. We find it adorable.

    With arthrogryposis - and Aaron's version of it - flexing is not really a good way to describe what Aaron can do... He has limited movement with any of his joints. They repositioned his arm to improve function (getting his hand to his face) but he will have limited motion in the new position in the same way he had limited motion in the old position.

    Aaron's fingers were still little boards a year ago. Today they are softer and he has better movement over them. They don't bend at the knuckles - we work on this - hoping that in time they will continue to soften even more with use. He never used his fingers until last year.

    Hope that helps....

  5. I remember you're Gotcha day. What beautiful expression of love. Thank you Lord for the Nalles stepping out in faith and obedience to bring Aaron into your family.

  6. Thank you for the answers to my questions Julia! I've never met anyone with this condition, and only became aware of it because of a few adoptions from Reeces Rainbow so I had no familiarity with exactly how they are affected.

    I pray for him all the time. Thank you for sharing.


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