Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Scouts

When Elijah was six years old he was invited by a friend to be part of their cub scout pack. 

We had NO IDEA what scouting involved. 


But I dutifully went out and bought Elijah his cute little Tiger Cub outfit and we entered the world of scouting. (Sadly, I can't find a picture of him in his uniform!!)

I'll be honest - Neither Rob nor I were terribly sold on the whole program.  It wasn't our cup of tea.  But Elijah loved it.  From the first day as a cute little Tiger Cub he loved it.  He decided from early on that he was staying in scouting until he earned his Eagle.  We were a bit surprised but we were not going to stop our son from doing what he loved. So we supported him.  And he has thrived.  Scouting has been good for Elijah.  He is one of those kids who wants to do EVERYTHING they offer.  And believe me, he has done just about everything. 

Right now, Elijah is only a few weeks away from earning his LIFE SCOUT which is the badge you earn right before you go for EAGLE.  I'm proud of my son.  His accomplishments were NOT because we pushed him.  He has been completely self-motivated in scouts and I am proud of how far he has come. 

To be honest - now that Elijah is almost to Eagle - we were kind of happy to be almost done with the whole scouting process.... BUT...After much discussion and realizing that our youngest would most likely love it as much as his big brother.....


Yep - We have a Tiger in the house!

That makes TWO SCOUTS under the same roof!!

YEP - Two HANDSOME Scouts!!

Two Handsome scouts who are now selling Popcorn!!

Yep.  Popcorn.

Product Image

It is actually really good popcorn.  We eat it all year round.  We buy both the Microwave and also the popping kernels.  I have a Whirly Pop Popcorn maker and the combination of the popcorn maker and the Boy Scout kernels makes for some amazingly good popcorn.  (Of course butter and salt help too!!)

And For Elijah - The way his Scout Troop is set up - He gets to keep a portion of  his sales in his own scout account. 

That saves me hundreds and hundreds of dollars every year.  Last year his Scouting cost well over 800.00 and I only had to fork out about 200.00 of that.  I'm VERY GRATEFUL that his scout troop allows the boys to keep a portion of their fundraiser to cover their scouting costs!!!

So if you LOVE popcorn and would like to help my two Handsome boys out.....

Click HERE and you can get yourself some delicious Boy Scout Popcorn. 

The really cool thing - It will be delivered RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR!!

My Two Scouts Thank You!!

P.S. - If you don't like popcorn - never fear.... If you CLICK THIS LINK - you can make a MILITARY DONATION and the popcorn will be shipped to the men and women in our U.S. military. 


  1. Hey Julia! When I click on the link to order the popcorn, I noticed in the upper right hand corner it says 'You are supporting no one. Click to change' When I click, there is a place for me enter some sort of id (sorry, I can't remember exactly what it said. Maybe troop number?) Can you give us more detailed instructions so that we can be sure YOUR scouts reap the benefit of our popcorn purchases?

    -Beth in Atlanta

  2. I love popcorn! When I clicked on your link, it asked for a Scout ID number so the right scout will be credited for the sale ... does Elijah have one?

    I love the two happy scouts in your family! Aaron looks so pleased to be following in his brother's footsteps! I wish them both much success!


  4. Aw, that's great!! Actually, just moments before I logged onto my computer to read the newest blog posts, I finished the applications for my three boys to join Cub Scouts for the first time! They are all very excited and I'm sure they'll love it.

  5. We were involved in the scouting program with our boys. Our youngest son is an Eagle Scout. What a fantastic program. I have been on more popcorn deliveries than I care to remember. :) LOL But it sure was good!

  6. Elijah and Aaron were absolutely meant to be brothers! They look so much alike in these pictures, even the way Elijah is standing and holding his little arms. OMGoodness! Amazing!

  7. Oh cool! I'll check out budget - I am a HUGE popcorn fan!


  8. LOVE IT! My Dad and brother were Scouts and now my son and nephews are, too!

  9. That is so cool!! Love the pictures!!! So cute!!

  10. It looks like Elijah still has the same cowlick (sp?)! ;) And Aaron looks so cute in his uni!

  11. araon looks soo cute in his uniform i might buy popcorn to support him

  12. That is so cool! My son Max is in Boy Scouts and his Daddy is the Scout Master. And I joke all the time about the day Max earns his Eagle, Mike will be going back to being a Tiger Cub daddy again. Max's little brother is 10 years younger than he is. And now we are expecting again. I bet Mike is secretly hoping for a another girl!
    Good luck with the popcorn sales!

  13. I think Aarons arm look quite good. I'm sorry he has to wear a bigger brace, but still, I think it looks much better than before. Good luck with scouting Aaron. Love scouting :-)


  14. ok...seeing Aaron in that uniform really did something to me!!! Oh goodness. I have goosebumps.

    Redemption is a beautiful thing <3

    Jodi L

  15. Love it! I have a tiger and life(on the way to eagle) scout also! We are on our way to a court of h onor tonight.

  16. So cute. Our son adopted from Guatemala just started tiger scouts too. My husband was an eagle scout. Aaron is such a cutie.


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