Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Be Encouraged...

Judging by the outpouring of comments and facebook messages and e-mails I've received in the last 24 hours,  Jonah's (Tolly) story didn't just impact Rob and me.

Honestly, I needed Monday.

I needed to see Tolly and Alina.

I needed to see him in HIS MAMA'S ARMS.

I needed to be reminded WHY I continue to hammer away on this blog.

It is SO EASY to get discouraged. 

It is so easy to wonder what in the world I am doing.

But seeing those two - holding them - being confronted with the reality that their adoption was pure and simple a RESCUE - it renews my spirit.  It renews Rob's spirit.

Both of those children would literally not have survived transfer. 

So little.  So fragile.

I can't even allow my thoughts to go to the place of imagining Tolly in Aaron's old institute.  After seeing how tiny and precious and full of life he is - He would have been swallowed up there. 

God KNEW he needed rescue.

It causes me to want to yell louder.

Dear Spencer.

He is on the brink of transfer.  He NEEDS A FAMILY NOW!


He has been on the REECE'S RAINBOW site for years and years.  Where is his MAMA?  He has 16,562.00 in his grant account.  UNBELIEVABLE!!  How much longer must he wait?

So many many others.

I have to keep yelling.

I have to.

Otherwise I would miss events like this....

Seeing Tolly in his Mama's arms... during picture time... being ALL BOY...

I snapped the pictures and chuckled as I watched the scene play out...

Hey Tolly - Look at the camera....

Okay.. okay....I'm looking.... but my hands are a bit occupied.....

I got myself a good grip... now.... all I need to do is pull real hard!!...

Pooey....Mama made me let go but I will NOT give up....

Yes they are a handful.  Yes they are needy.  Yes they are fragile.  But they are firmly set in a family.  Well-loved.  Cherished.  A son.  A daughter.  A brother.  A sister. 

Privileged to grow up to know and love the King of Kings. 

It just doesn't get any better than that!

Be encouraged.  Keep yelling.

It does make a difference.


  1. We were in Ukraine with his family :) Super people!
    Just Another Day In Paradise

  2. aww dont feel discouraged..I had prayed for alina all last year and was thrilled to see she had a family..then i prayed shed have a blog so i could watch and you posted it you made a sick womans dreams come true with gods help..thank you we love reading your blogs and donateing to peoples adoptions because of you..your voice is loud..and we hear you..bigg huggs..

  3. I will never forget the very real and vivid dream that I had of sweet Jonah/Tolly. I could feel him sitting on my hip. I am SO SO SO SO glad that he is sitting on his Mama's hip now. And his daddy's. I'm overwhelmed. Thanks for yelling. I don't yell near enough!

  4. "Yes they are a handful. Yes they are needy. Yes they are fragile. But they are firmly set in a family." That made me cry, Julia. You so hit the nail on the head. Healing. It's coming.


  5. Aaron and Artom. Kind of has a ring to it! hmmm Just saying...

  6. You bet it makes a difference! The day I saw Tolly's sweet face on your blog our lives were changed forever. Our entire family will never ever be the same thanks to your yelling. Thank you!!!

  7. What an adorable little boy. I hear your yelling. It breaks my heart. When we got our Isaac out of his orphanage in Ukraine he was a month shy of his 4th birthday. He was on his way to the next place to be forgotten. He was 25lbs and in a 2T! He wouldn't have lasted a week. The judge actually asked us why we wanted to bring home such a retarded child! Although 7 years later ( in Dec. ) things can still be hard at times, it was all worth it. God has taught me more thru Isaac than thru anything else. Just do it people! I hope we can afford to do it again some day. Our 4 children never stop asking for "just one more!". Thanks for continuing the fight.

  8. Thanks Julia; with God's help you make a huge difference to a lot of people!

  9. It was an honor to meet you, Rob, and Aaron. To thank you personally for advocating for our son was almost overwhelming. Saying "Thank you" just didn't seem enough. Thank you for following God's leading, Thank you for being the voice of the voiceless. We need to start yelling too! Thank you also for being an example to follow!

  10. I loved all the comments...YES! YES! YES! Keep Yelling!!!!

    Stephanie Lynch

  11. Thanks Julia! Yours & Patti's blogs makes me keep on fighting for whats most important! I will keep yelling for as long as it takes to find Celine & Cora Lynnnes families! You have just inspired me to write a post, off to my blog I go.

  12. AMEN! AMEN! AMEN! you are awesome!xxx


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