Thursday, November 17, 2011

Off Again

Yep.... Aaron and I are dragging out of bed again early tomorrow morning (okay - the middle of the night) to make the long trip to Philly in the Shriner's van.  Another marathon round of visits with doctors and therapists.  I'm so glad my littlest has a great attitude about these trips.  If only I could get him to fall asleep in the van.....


  1. I'll hope it will be easier for him to fall asleep now that it's darker outside - or maybe it isn't darker where you live? Hope your trip will be as nice as it can be .-)

  2. See you tomorrow! So happy we'll finally meet in person :)

  3. Have you considered giving him a bit of Melatonin?

  4. Curious, has Aaron now been out of the institution longer than he was in it? Just read on another blog that "recovery" from that time generally takes an equivalent amount of time as the child was "in."

    I love to see Aaron's smiling face & my daughters (10 & 8) will be thrilled to see him healing well from his hoola-hoop / brick steps tumble.

    Also curious if you've tried an MP3 player with "his" music to help him sleep in the van? I'm sure you have ... just recalled seeing my youngest snoring away w/ the tunes jamming a few weeks ago in the car! Or maybe you could let me know if he doesn't have one of his own ...

  5. Just yesterday I smiled at the thought that we could try to plan Joshua's consult so that it's at the same time you are there for one of Aaron's visits. . . someday. . . SOON!

  6. I've always known he has blue eyes - but they show up so beautifully in that picture!



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