Monday, November 7, 2011

One Voice

Your blog has more followers than my blog, thus, you must be better than me. 

If only I had that many followers than think of how many kids I could save.

What difference will my little blog entries make with few to listen?

I would be better off getting those with lots of followers to take up my cause. 

Maybe those who are famous.  Or rich.  Because if I had a HUGE following and vast amounts of money - Goodness - I could change the world. 

Just think.

Lots of orphans would find families.

Bigger is better.  Right?

More is best.  Correct?

Being small and insignificant means I should just quit now before I completely embarrass myself.

Who in the world do I think I am to think I can make the least bit of difference to anyone?

I am just a total failure.

Me and my insignificant little voice.

I quit.

I not only quit - I'm not even going to try.

I'm not even going to start.

I don't matter.


If Molly, a college student from New York, with little money and few followers had said that...

If Molly had thrown up her hands and decided that she was too small and insignificant to matter....

If Molly had seen the need but turned away in despair at the enormity of what she was doing...

If Molly had said no...

Then we may have missed our precious treasure.

We may have walked away.

But in her tiny corner of the universe, with no power or riches, no fame or glory, just a passion and a love, she saw the need, she saw the desperate need of our little son and she yelled.

With everything in her she yelled.  She cried.  She begged.  She blogged.  She facebooked.  She fundraised.  One lonely college student with little money and few followers. 

While he sat in a shed across the ocean.  Lost. 

She yelled.

One voice.

And the Holy Spirit did the rest.

One voice.

And God.

We heard.

We wept.

We answered.

You don't need riches.

You don't need fame.

You don't need glory.

You just need a voice. 

You just need a voice.

The Holy Spirit will do the rest.

God will take care of the rest.

Please - Be a Voice.

These girls need a voice.


All these precious girls are listed on Reece's Rainbow.


  1. Beautifully said. I keep saying and saying on my blog. I am one lonely voice with a small blog and few followers - For 2 years I advocated for 3 kids we met in our daughter's orphanage in Ukraine. Kids not with special needs, but kids who were getting ready to age out. For two long years I blogged and prayed and prayed and prayed. In June those 3 kids came home with their new family. Oh wait, did I say 3? I meant 4. While in our daughter's old orphanage they met and fell in love with another young man and brought him home too. Now to Him who is able to do exceeding abundantly, beyond all that we could ask or think...4 kids - orphans no more.

  2. Perfectly stated. Love Lorie, she was in Dariya's baby house and we met her this summer while we were there. I pray someone saves her this is her last few months there.

  3. Very well said!! I am once voice fighting hard as I can to bring our boy home... He was found because someone else spoke up..... Chain reactions are a beautiful thing..... many people shared about him.... Thank You for being a voice!!

  4. one of the most wonderful blog posts I have ever read! can i share it Julia? xxxx

  5. Thanks Julia for reminding me again of the difference I truely am making even if its small I know somewhere out their Celine & Cora Lynnes families are waiting to find their precious treasures. For now I keep fundraising & advocating for them!

  6. Thank you so much for those words. They are very timely. I signed up to be a Christmas warrior even though I don't have a huge audience. It has been such a scary thing to do, and no one seems to be interested in spite of the iPad 2 giveaway. I guess everyone already has one. But God revealed to me yesterday that I have to only obey, and even if no one donates then I will proudly look like a fool following my Lord! I will fear HIM and no one else.

  7. I love you Julia!

    You never know. You never know who is reading. Who may donate. I received donations from complete strangers, former college classmates, friends of my parents.

    You don't know who will see your blog, know your words are a sign from God, and take the next step.

    You just never know

    but you must try.

  8. Someday you will get sick of me saying this - *grin* - but it's only because of your blog that we found our precious boy and only because of that miracle that I have the courage to post about other orphans on my own blog. We just never know who is reading. (Followers don't tell the whole story - I don't "follow" any blogs, not even this one!)

  9. You have inspired me today....thank you for yet another beautiful post.


  10. Great post!
    And I'm so glad to see the photo of "Lorie" included. There's something about that child that really pulls at my heart. Oh, how I wish someone would bring her home...she's only got a few months left before transfer!

  11. Thanks Julia, I needed that today... I have thought many of those statements more times than I care to admit. Although our efforts may sometimes feel like they're in vain, individuals like Molly are an inspiration and proof that one voice can make a difference.

    p.s. Molly, if you're reading this, I'm looking forward to hopefully meeting you in person soon :)

  12. You were the one that got me to RR, now we donate whenever possible. I've watched the kids I fell in love with on RR go home with families, and even though I cannot adopt (although even here God is working), I really feel apart of God's mission, like I make a difference!

  13. I so needed this today. We are still working on our home study but will be adopting in Eastern Europe in the spring if all goes according to plan. The lack of enthusiasm about our adoption and the lack of compassion for the waiting children has broken my heart. It's so nice to know that people care.


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