Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Three Motherless Boys

I've got three boys on my heart right now.

Three motherless boys.

Three boys who desperately need families.

Sweet sweet Jack who spends his days wondering what in the world he needs to do to have a family cross the ocean for him.

I don't have an answer for him.  I wish I could whisper in his ear that a Mama was on her way.  Oh sweet Jack.   He's losing his childhood and there is nothing I can do except pray and yell for someone to PLEASE cliff jump for Jack.

And my Precious Artem who is facing transfer soon. PLEASE SOMEONE GET ARTEM!! 

And because I am a glutton for punishment...... We are now advocating for our new little ANGEL TREE boy.

I picked him because he is standing on the brink of transfer. 

His best buddy has already been removed from the building.

He is seriously next in line.


Oh My Goodness He is Precious!!

I just can't stand the thought of Spencer at a mental institute. 

So there you have it. 

My Three Motherless Boys.

I need three families.

I am praying for three families.

Three brave families..... Please Lord....


  1. I wish Jack was in the country we are going to!

  2. Will join you in praying for a family for all three.


  3. I am praying for families for them!!!

  4. Praying for all the boys to have love, safety and health wherever they are as well as for more to STEP FORWARD and call them their own.

  5. I just love Spencer! He looks just like my son when he turns his head sideways to pose and says "eese" for a picture. :( I just want to hug him!


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