Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Sweet Son

My oldest son turned 17 this week.

Aaron thought he had a LOT of candles on his birthday cake and definitely needed help in blowing them all out!

Our sweet son loves music.  Passionately loves music.  

So does his Dad.

All the guitars in our house belong to Rob.  Ben has played them and loved them for several years now.  But he didn't have one to call his own.

He never asked for one.  It wasn't his style.

But at 17 - a young man needs his own guitar.

Happy Birthday sweet son of mine!!

I love you more!!


  1. Oh how beautiful. Me thinks it's time for a youtube video :)


  2. Awe...Happy Birthday Ben!!!!

    What an awesome young man you are <3

    Jodi L

  3. Happy Birthday, Ben! See you next week...

  4. Love me some Nalles! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN!!!!!

    He is so talented Julia, and he's got the best heart.


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