Monday, December 12, 2011

The Desires of My Heart


Two babes jumped the wall.  They didn't just jump the wall... THEY FLEW OVER!!



Check out their numbers below if you don't believe me!!  

 Psalm 37: 3-6 

Trust in the LORD and do good;
   dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.
Take delight in the LORD,
   and he will give you the desires of your heart.

 Commit your way to the LORD;
   trust in him and he will do this:
 He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn,
   your vindication like the noonday sun. 


This Giveaway was NOT my idea.  How I planned on spending the month of December on this blog did NOT involve doing a Giveaway that included 13 Passed Over Babes.

It was not MY plan.

Doing a Giveaway that included 13 Passed Over Babes was just plain insanity!

Here was MY plan.

  • Take our little bit of money and put it safely in Spencer's account.
  • Yell for Spencer.  
  • Yell for Brent.  
  • Keep yelling for Artem.
  • Yell for Jack.

That was it.

I considered that enough.

But then the Holy Spirit tapped on my shoulder and I was terribly torn.

Debbie Pasho was offering gifts for a Giveaway so that her little guy Sergei would be noticed...

I mean look at him... He is beyond precious!!

Who wouldn't want Sergei noticed but what about Jack?  What about Brent?

They were NOT on the Angel Tree!

The desires of MY heart were not lining up with what God was laying out before me.

And did I mention that I HATE doing Giveaways.

I HATE taking other people's money.  I HATE taking risks.

And this Giveaway was over the top risky.

I mean it was crazy.  Who advocates for 13 children all at the same time??

I know Debbie thought I was completely off my rocker!!

I WAS completely off my rocker!!

Why 13 anyway???  I hate odd numbers!!  And Thirteen???   Most people think THIRTEEN is an unlucky number.  Why not some nicely rounded number like 12???

And the kids I WANTED... They were not even the ones I was going to get to advocate for.... MY top 10 picks off the Angel Tree were not on the list.  Only Artem, Spencer and Sergei made the list.  The rest I had to lay aside.

And did I mention that I wanted to advocate for Brent and Jack???

Oh this has been hard.  Being obedient has been hard.

I would NEVER EVER have done it this way.

But Debbie agreed to my insane plan despite thinking that I had completely lost it.... and Rob agreed that we should throw our little bit into the pot instead of putting it in Spencer's account...

And so I laid my desires down...

With little pieces of me laying all over the floor...

But in the midst of my torn heart - God has shown me that He is listening.  He KNEW the desire of my heart was to advocate for SPENCER AND BRENT as a PAIR.  They went together.  They were together at the baby house and now they are together at the mental institute.  And God KNEW that my deepest desire for Christmas was to holler for BOTH of them.  Together.

He knew.

And He has given me the desire of my heart in the midst of this Crazy and Insane Passed Over Giveaway.

This has been orchestrated by God Alone.

How do I know this??

On the list God picked was Robyn.

I had never ever notice Robyn before.  Ever.  She was NOT on my radar.  At all.

But she was on Patti's radar.

And Patti and I BOTH had Artem on our radar... I mean we just spent November hollering for him...

Do you see God's hand??

Out of a blogging friendship - God was allowing the desire of my heart to be fulfilled.

With Robyn on MY list - Patti and I were able to link back up again.

We did NOT plan it that way.  It caught us both off guard.

But we recognized God's hand in it and we happily teamed back up.

Then tragedy struck.

The Kehm's lost Ty.

And they grieved.  Patti grieved.  And then they made a decision that shocked me.

They decided that the money they have left over from their adoption would go to Brent.


Out of the ashes....

Out of the ashes God blessed me with the desire of my heart.

I am finally able to yell and holler for the little boy who got LOST back in April.

Do you see?  Do you see God at work?

In the midst of tragedy - He does a New Thing.  In surrendering He gives reward.

And I stand in awe.

Recognizing anew that I serve a Living and Loving God.  One who hears and listens.  One who knows my heart.  One who SEES.

And the 13 babes - plus Brent - plus Jack down at the bottom....


All 15 now have at least $600.00 in their accounts.

Yesterday $1612.00 was donated for the 15 Babes....for a total of $7967.00.

111 people have helped to make this possible.

All of you.

I am beyond words.

Only Seven Babes need to jump the wall.  Five boys and two girls.

I am praying them over.

I am holding my breath and watching to see what else God has in store.

I still struggle with doubt.  I lack faith.

But I am learning that when God is at the helm - You need to hang on because it is going to be a wild ride.

Will you hold your breath with me?? Pray alongside?  Watch and wait and see what God has in store?

I know there are families being stirred.  I know He is drawing them towards these kids.  I know this.  It is all I can share.

I know too that every single dime in these accounts gives tremendous affirmation to these families that it is HIS voice they are hearing.

Your gifts are HIS VOICE to those families.

His Voice.

  Yegor                                   Arina                                          Paul 
                                  $625.00                              $655.00                                     $600.00
                      Yegor's Christmas Warrior                                                                  

   Nikita                                        Dimtry                                      Mark 
      $605.00                                       $805.00                                      $815.00

     Danila's Warrior                          



 Robyn                                   Jin Wu                                     Sergei      
                                $2524.00                              $1,466.00                                 $2039.00
 Robyn's Warrior                       Jin Wu's Warrior                    Sergei's Warrior   

                                 Meredith                                 Artem                                      Spencer
                                   $1020.00                               $5,505.00                                 $1131.00
                          Meredith's Warrior                 Artem's Warrior                 Spencer's Warrior- ME!! 

In our Passed Over Babes Giveaway we have over $600.00 worth of prizes included....

Over at A PERFECT LILY - my sweet friend Patti has a Pure Love Giveaway going on that is worth $1,000.00 in prizes....

When you give FIVE DOLLARS to TWO OR MORE kids above and  LEAVE ME A COMMENT HERE - I will enter your name in our Giveaway - ONE ENTRY FOR EVERY CHILD!! THEN...  CLICK HERE to let Patti know that you donated and she will enter your name into her Giveaway too!!



IF you BLOG about these kids..... you get another chance to win in our Giveaway.


IF you FACEBOOK or TWITTER about these kids... you get another chance to win in our Giveaway.

Give FIRST, then share and share.....

Put their faces out there.  Let people know these are the PASSED OVER  BABES who have sat far too long on the Angel Tree.  THEY NEED FAMILIES. 


 1.  A KINDLE TOUCH - (99.00 value)

2.  FLIP ULTRA HD VIDEO CAMERA 8 GB 3RD GENERATION - Newest Model (150.00 value)
Product Details

hand stamped jewelry
Each and every piece is handcrafted from start to finish in the studio. They use sterling silver and freshwater pearls in their creations!!

by Rob and Julia Nalle
5.  A set of 4 hand-carved wooden Christmas ornaments (50.00 value) 

 6.  A 50 Dollar YOUR CHOICE Gift card 
7.  A 50 Dollar YOUR CHOICE Gift card
8.  A 25 Dollar YOUR CHOICE Gift card
9.  A 10 Dollar YOUR CHOICE Gift card
10.  A 10 Dollar YOUR CHOICE Gift card.

These YOUR CHOICE cards are to ANY store, restaurant, mall etc. that you desire. You tell us what you want and we will deliver!!  Amazon, Walmart, Cracker Barrel, Starbucks, Kohls, etc. etc.

Will you help the PASSED OVER BABES??

They have been on the Angel Tree since 2009. 


If you have trouble leaving comments in Internet Explorer - then switch to another server (Google Chrome works great) or FB me... JULIA NALLE

And because I just can't leave him off in case someone somewhere is looking for a sweet little 11 year old boy....
My sweet Jack....


  1. In tears (happy ones, mingled with sad). Thank you for trusting and going out of your comfort zone and out of your own wants. God knows what he is doing and it is GOOD.

  2. happy tears here- sometimes it's hard for me to see the hand of God at work through those tears...thank you for showing me, Julia.

  3. Thank you so much for keeping us posted about the children Julia, it's so nice you can find out more information about them and let all of us know. I gave to Brent today, I didn't want to leave him out. I had a dream a while back and there was a little blonde boy in it standing saying I love you mommy, and I said I love you too. Please pray that if it is one of these little ones God will make it very clear to us as I am so willing. Diana Tyree

  4. Donated to Mark & Paul. Praying their families find them soon.
    -Erin B

  5. That was fun! Donated to Danila, Arina, Nikita, Paul and Yegor.

    -Beth in Atlanta

  6. I donated to Danila ($15) and to Mark($10). So many babies . . .this is great to get them to jump to the next level!!

  7. That WAS fun! Donated to Danila and Yegor. Then donated to Isabel just because she shares a name with my baby girl in heaven. :)

    Then posted their info on Facebook.

  8. Unrelated to this post, but Julia, have you seen this pic of Aaron before?
    I just stumbled upon it & thought, hey! I know that awesome smile!!


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