Friday, December 30, 2011

They Just Can't Be Left Behind!

How in the world???

There are still 49 Angel Tree Babes who have not reached their goal of getting over the $1,000.00 wall.

Ivan S. (region 8)  Callie  Savannah 

My heart's desire is to see every single one of them jump that wall.

Lianne (33) Elias 3G Sally 26HA

But we are talking $15,000.00.

Trey 2H Nanette Daniel 2H

By midnight tomorrow night.

Abbott 3G Alexander A 5G Jaxon 15


Sophia E 1C Henry Vitaliy T.

Why does it matter?

Garrett 26HA  Terrence Orion

Why do I care that all the kids cross?

Dorothy Matthias 2H Andy

Because God is on the move.
                                  I jumped!!
Tomas 3G Daniel 3G Percy (Asia)

In the last week thousands and thousands of e-mails have been sent.  From ordinary people across the country who have been INQUIRING ABOUT THE ANGEL TREE BABES.

Randy 2H Timothy (Asia) Orson

Thousands of hearts have been touched.

Chandler Keegan Teagan


 Sophia K. Tory 15H Alexander I. (fcmd-8)

That's God at work.

Ruben Darby 2H Emily 15H

And it calls me into action.

James 2H Nicole 26HA Penelope 9HA

So here I am on this Fatherless Friday asking for the impossible....

Silas (China) Turner (2011) Dennis

 I'm standing with all my fellow Angel Tree Warriors yelling myself hoarse for these last 49 to be pulled over that wall.
                                                                                                              I jumped!!
Annalisa Melody  Benji 26HA

We just can't leave them behind people.

                                                                          I jumped                       I jumped 
 Sunny  Bennett 3G Carter 14G

Yes we are asking for the impossible.


The Warriors are completely tapped out....

$15,000.00 is HUGE.

We're just a bunch of little David's facing a rather BIG GOLIATH.

But God is on the move and so we cannot give up.... Every nickel in their grant account matters.  Every nickel matters.

Please - will you consider digging deep and donating to one or two or more of these babes?

Help pull some of them over the wall?

Join with all us little David's???





  1. I just posted this on my facebook and I'm praying that God's people will feel His call for them to give, for them to realize that there is a fire burning and if they'll just fan the flames a little it will turn into a raging wildfire of HOPE.

  2. Thank you for all you do. My warrior baby is Sally and I am praying for her and her friends to go over that $1000. bump!

  3. Thank you for your call to action. I've been watching Chandler all season long and even requested one of my Christmas gifts to be a donation to his account. I gave our family another Christmas gift today and sent him over the wall. Will be praying and posting about the other babes. Blessings to you and your family in the New Year.

  4. Which is the most effective way to donate? I can push the 2 highest babies over the $1000 mark or divide it up over the 2 babies with the least amount. Please give me some guidance...
    Julie F

  5. Julie - I don't know... Whatever the Lord leads you to do.. The ones in the very front and the quickest to get donations so maybe the ones that are close but not there or the ones in the back. It is up to you and God!

  6. I wanted you to know that I'm Carter's Warrior, and our family is forever grateful for your post. Carter bumped up over $1000 this morning. We are in awe of God's goodness, and thank Him for angels like you!!

  7. I gave what I could, it wasn't much but I hope it helps. Theresa, I gave to Sally.

  8. My son chose to use our donation to bump Benji to the $1000 mark! My daughter chose to add the rest to Lianne. Julie F

  9. Please check out my blog, for a post that I did about these babies too. I added up the exact ammount needed if anyone's curious. I also am praying for Tabitha and Gabriella to get homes soon!

  10. I just wanted to let everyone know that I have a blog that I just did a post with the exact amount needed to pass the $1000 mark. Please take a look and also check out the two little girls I am advocating for, Gabriella and Tabitha. Thanks!

  11. Nothing is impossible with God. Chandler just jumped!


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!