Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cast Off

Yesterday Aaron and I made another trip to Philly....

Woo Hoo... Dr. Z took Aaron's cast off!!

Aaron is now in a brace.

After two months of weekly trips to Philly - We get to take a break for a while!

Yes I am relieved!!

I didn't take any pictures of our up and back trip.  I was too weary and have been battling a head cold all weekend.

But you do get these two....

Aaron and Elijah enjoying the ONLY snow we have had all winter....

I'd share a picture of Ben in the snow but he threatened a snowball to my head if I did...



  1. I bet he had a nice long bath or shower since this is the first time in a while he has not had a cast!!

  2. Yeah! Cast Off! Mommy take a break and feel better soon!

  3. Ha ha Ben sounds like my Aidan, he has to "approve" anything I post now. LOL
    Yay for no trips for now and no cast!

  4. So - with the snow gone - the threat from Ben is . . . well, there isn't one!! LOL!


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