Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Linkin Post

My head is full of stuff and the cough that I have been battling for a few days is taking over....

I have not much energy to blog so I'm going to cheat...

THE PRAISE LINK... My dear friend Adeye has been wrestling with the same convictions I have been wrestling with... the need to yell loudly for the older child.  Last week she had several of my blog posts on her blog (at the same time I was sharing my sweet Millie stories).  We were hoping and praying that through both our blogs that hearts would be touched!  This morning Adeye's blog post brought tears to my eyes because she has before and after pictures of a whole host of kids.  What made me cry was that so many of the kids pictured were ones WE PRAYED HOME.  My Judd (Brady).  Carrington and Victoria. Julia and my precious Gabe (Gavin).  Katie and Sweet Belle.  Kori.  Hailee.  I just looked at the pictures and cried.  To see the Goodness of the Lord in those pictures just touched me deeply this morning.  THIS IS WHY WE PRAY.  THIS IS WHY WE SHOUT.  The look of Redemption.  The Transformation that Love Brings.  What Rescue Looks Like!!  Go see.  Go rejoice.  God is Good.

THE SHOUT OUT....  All of you who have donated and who are blogging and yelling for Laurel... THANK YOU..  She now has $4,647.00 available for her adoption.  SHE STILL NEEDS A FAMILY THOUGH.  Her time is ticking down.  Someone asked in a forum I am in what will happen if she isn't adopted.  The sad reality - WE WILL NEVER KNOW.  She will disappear.  Gone.  They won't let her go out on her own because she is wheelchair bound.  She is going to end up in a mental institute.  Please Please Please keep giving to Laurel's grant account.  Please help her find a family.

THE SUNSHINE GIRL - Will you PLEASE go to this link and take part in the Giveaway for sweet Bernadette.  Dear friends - This little one is 15 years old but is the size of an 8 year old and would be as happy as a clam with a dolly or two.  She is a baby at heart.  She is in a GOOD place right now.  She is well loved and is well adjusted.  Transitioning into a family would be easy for her because she isn't going to come with a ton of emotional baggage that a child in a true mental institute comes from.  But her time is running out.  She needs out NOW.  Sweet Bernadette.  Where is her Mommy???  

SHARE THE LOVE - Want to help THREE families who are adopting FOUR kids??  Go donate to THIS Giveaway and all THREE families will benefit.  They are GIVING away 33 prizes.  Right now they have had 31 people donate.  Get the odds??  Your chances of winning one of those prizes is HUGE.  All three of these families deserve our notice because they are all SERVING IN OUR MILITARY.  They are sacrificing for our country and they are sacrificing to bring four babes home.  We cannot turn a blind eye.  SO PLEASE GO HELP THEM.  

Those are my links.  

I want to say this - I never ask anyone to give unless I too give.  Considering how broke we are right now - that means that we have to dig deep.  But I can't beg unless I am willing to sacrifice too.  I know what today's economy is like.  I know how hard it is to put food on the table.  I know.  We are not in the best of times right now.  But I also know that we are RICH compared to these kids. They have nothing and will be given nothing unless we act and move.  The families who are willing to step out in faith - how can I just stand by and watch without doing something?  The kids.  No way can I not yell. 

I know I can't shout out for every single family.  I know I can't yell for every child.  I can't.  I am only one person and this is only one blog.  But I can do something.  I can shout for those whom God lays on my heart.  I can do that much.  I can do that much. 


  1. Love your heart Julia. This post is exactally what I would write.

  2. Thank you for hollering for these precious kids and for Bernadette, especially. I want to see that room (where the kids with Ds are kept) flung WIDE OPEN!

  3. could you please pray for me and my family. God has placed Laurel on my heart like no other. I feel she needs to be here in my home. My husband is more practical and this is one of the reasons I married him. He sees the ins and outs and future. But laurel is different. I don't know why, but God has led me to her. Please pray that my heart and my husbands heart become one no matter which way the Lord leads us. We are both trusting in him. Thank you.

  4. Thank you, Julia! I was out with the kids, today and so couldn't do much hollering on here :) I came home to find another $120 had come in through the chip-in. Thanks for hollering for Bernadette (and all the others)!


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