Thursday, February 9, 2012


I'm spinning.

I have much on my heart.

Too much on my mind.

I don't know which way to go.

I have unwritten blog posts in draft mode and even more in my head.

I am a jumbled mess.

Struggling with what to say and how to say it.  The need is so great.  In so many areas. 

Praying that clarity will come.

Praying for the words to convey.

Praying that God will take my jumbled heart and direct me in His Way and not mine.


Until then....

Here are a few people whose blogs are worth checking out....

This is Jane's blog.  She is doing what I had the privilege of doing a number of years ago in India.  She is crossing the ocean with a friend to help her bring her treasure home.  When you aren't adopting and are a fellow traveler.... you are able to go to some places that the families who are adopting just don't have the energy or time to do.  When I was in India I was able to take a couple of days while my friend chased papers and go visit our Compassion International son.  THAT WAS AMAZING.  I was also able to visit a ministry for abused women in India.  THAT WAS ALSO AMAZING.  God opened my eyes up in India and I have never been the same.  Jane is not only going to see the orphanage where her friend's child is located but she is also going to be able to visit another one where a number of the Reece's Rainbow children are living.  It is a remote place and the need there is great.  Please go check out Jane's blog and consider making a donation so that she can take some much-needed supplies (a week's worth of diapers) and some musical instruments to the children at that orphanage.  Please!!

My friend Adeye has filled her blog with links to 99 children who have the most desperate need for families right now.  I love Adeye and her heart.  Please go over to that blog and re-post it so that the kids on there get as much coverage as they can get.  MANY MANY MANY of those kids have been on this blog over the last weeks, months and years.  Please get their pictures out!!  They are desperate to be seen!!! 


  1. Be encouraged today Julia. God is on the move in so many hearts. I know He'll guide you. I'll pray for peace and wisdom for you today :)

    1. Sometimes when things are spinning so fast we just need to stop and take a deep breath and get of the thing that made us so dizzy. Praying God will give you that focus that is only from Him Julia.
      Thank you too Adeye,Jane, and all the adoptive parents out there that stepped out in faith to do the Hard Things that with God became so possible!

  2. julia thankyou my friend. hope the spinning stops soon. xxxxx

  3. I linked both these posts on my blog this week as well! One of the girls where Jane is going (Stacy) was my Christmas Angel, and the sweet of my heart, Lilly, is on Adeyes. My heart aches for these children.


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!