Sunday, February 5, 2012


Aaron has his own unique version of  "Tomorrow," the song from the hit musical Annie. Aaron's version isn't a song; it's not even a line from a song. It's just a simple statement of Aaron's undying optimism:

"Zumorrow will be better."

Whenever Aaron's disappointed because he's failed at something or something hasn't gone his way, he brings out his special version of "Tomorrow":

"Zumorrow, we'll try again.  Zumorrow will be better."

Things will always be better Zumorrow.

How does a child live in hell for an entire year, yet still retain an undying faith that says "Zumorrow" will always be better?


Only by God's Grace.

Aaron's optimism comes from God's unfailing grace and love for one little boy. Somehow, God wrapped a barrier of protection around our son's heart and mind during his time in the Lost Boys' world.  Because of God's protection, Aaron never lost his optimistic spirit, his ready smile,or his unwavering faith that "Zumorrow" will always be better.

Oh, the lessons we have learned from our "Zumorrow" son. Aaron has taught us that God can plant Zumorrow optimism in His children's hearts. He has taught us that God can also protect our hearts from attitudes of defeatism, disillusionment and depression.

Every day, we watch our son approach life with a joy and love that seems to burst from deep inside him, no matter what challenges and setbacks he may face.  Despite everything.  What an unbelievable privilege to experience God's grace every time we see our son look toward zumorrow.


It will always be better.

Take it from one little former Lost Boy who knows. 


  1. Praising God for your little guy and his outlook on life!

  2. I am with Amy! Praising God for the blessing of God's grace to give him such a sweet outlook on life. Now if only everyone had that.

  3. How I love that boy of yours, Julia!!! Everyone who is hesitant to adopt an older child should read this -and look into Aaron's face. Just because a child has waited years for a family, doesn't mean they have given up hope... or that they wouldn't make a wonderful son or daughter! Thank God for leading you guys to say YES to God and YES to Aaron!!! Praying many people (especially scared potential dads out there) will get ahold of your blog and see the kind of hope and optimism that is just waiting for someone to open up all the possibilities for them! As I write this I'm thinking especially of Tyler in orphanage 1 on RR. And Lauren and Victoria... and all the others you posted about on Fatherless Friday. Praying their Zumorrow will be full of amazing possibilities, just like Aaron's. These kids don't only have NEEDS, they have SO MUCH to OFFER a family, if they could only get the chance!

  4. Needed to be reminded that it WILL be better zumorrow. Thanks Aaron!


  5. You made me cry. Again. Sweet Aaron.

  6. Julia, I just went back and read about your road to adopt Aaron, and I was so taken in that I couldn't stop reading until he was finally safe at home with you. While I was reading, I thought of about a million things to say to you, but of course, I've forgotten them now. So I just want to tell you how precious I find your son, and how my heart aches for the children still left behind too. There have been nights I couldn't sleep because I was thinking about those children halfway across the world, confined to cribs or beds all day, no one to love them, not enough to eat. I thought, how can I lie here in my comfortable, warm bed, when these children are suffering? I should be DOING something! Then I read one of your blog posts about how you had to come home and wait for things to work out in Aaron's country, and how you felt like you should be doing something to get him, but there wasn't anything anyone here could do. You just had to give it to God. And that really spoke to me. In the past few weeks, I have also given it to God. I have recognized that I'm doing the things I need to do to prepare for my own adoption, and that in God's time, I will be able to to advocate effectively for other children while I wait, while they wait. And I have already seen Him work in my life and in the children's lives. Amazing what can happen when you give it to God.

    I want to thank you for your amazing blog posts, they are inspiring and affirming to my emotions and my faith. I want to thank you for never forgetting the children still waiting. You give your son the best care, he's a happy boy, he's blossoming beautifully - but at the same time, you don't forget the others who are still in need, even when it's painful to write those posts. Thank you for all of that. As my best friend (who happened to have one leg) and I used to say... "You rock my sock." :)

  7. Hubby and I both wanted to say thank you for this post- Today, when I walk in and see the kids here at the orphanage, I'll be thinking of Aaron saying "Zumorrow will be better".

    Thanks, Julia.

  8. What a wonderful attitude. I too am praising God and thinking I would do well to follow Aaron's example.

  9. What a great post! Love that sweet little guy and God's kindness and mercy in his life!

  10. I loved this post. Beautiful. What a wonderful heart Aaron has! God is so good!!

  11. beautiful...only God's grace! julia your blog is such a blessing!

    any support you can give for the fundraising for the kids of 50...who i am visiting soon would be so apprciated. love ya friend xxxx


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