Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bless Them Today

I seriously wish I had the words to convey how much the FIFTEEN FAMILIES are appreciating the support being shown to them right now.

So many were deeply blessed yesterday to know that THEY ARE NOT ALONE.  So many acknowledged that they are FEELING SO VERY MUCH ALONE.  

THANK YOU to those who gave.

Please - BLESS THEM TODAY.  These families are in the trenches.  They are fighting.  They are giving their all and they desperately and deeply need us to support them.



Adoption is way too hard to be doing it alone.  



 The Boroughs family is near and dear to my heart.  Their hearts are totally turned toward the orphan.  They have already adopted THREE RR babes and they are now going back to get another treasure.  I can't share her picture on here but SHE IS PRECIOUS!!  Please help them!!!

The Saders brought home sweet Melanie less than a year ago and are headed back across the ocean to get Charity.  Oh to see Charity out of that crib and in the arms of her Mama will be sweet to see indeed!!

See the little boy on the far left... THAT IS KOLE... He isn't home yet but his two brothers are... The little on the far right is GABE... Last year we YELLED AND YELLED FOR GABE and the House family raised their hands and  chose Gabe and then chose Levi.... but they are NOT DONE.  They are going back for Kole.  PLEASE HELP THEM!!
Blessings & Brothers

The Rogers family just barely got their bags unpacked from bringing home TWO RR treasures before they raised their hands to go back again... THEY ARE THE FAMILY GETTING BERNADETTE AND MASON!! How can we not support them??  We screamed LOUDLY for someone to cross the ocean and they RAISED THEIR HANDS HIGH!  Please drop some funds in their bucket to help them!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - They have so much left to raise!!  Plus, I am so excited to think that these two precious treasures are going to be living in MY STATE!!


See this precious little girl??? This is Mayah and her Mama and Papa set out to get her last year but the laws changed and when they crossed the ocean they could only bring her sister home.  But now the laws have changed again and even though they JUST CAME HOME they are going right back to get her!!  We can't stand by and let the Hogelands do this on their own!!! SUPPORT THEM IN THEIR ENDEAVOR TO BRING HOME MAYAH!!

And my Dear Spencer... the Jim family adopting him just came home from adopting Vika but they heeded the call to go back so back they will go!!  I will be forever grateful to them for adopting our sweet Spencer!!  Don't Spencer and Vika look like they belong together??? WE YELLED AND YELLED FOR SPENCER TO FIND A FAMILY... NOW LET'S FINISH THE JOB!!

RENEE and ALAN are adopting Maxwell...after just coming back from adopting Emma!!  If they can figure out how... they may try to bring home more than just Maxwell so PLEASE GO HELP THEM OUT!!  It is because of their yelling that a whole host of kids have families (Bernadette, Alexis, Sam, Duncan etc) so let's support their journey back across that ocean!!

Mark and Kristen Westbrook are adopting two very precious treasures.  Aren't they absolutely adorable??  They recently adopted two other treasures.... THAT'S FOUR BABES IN LESS THAN TWO YEARS!!!  

The Mickschl Family is adopting 16 year old Jonathan.  THIS IS PURE AND SIMPLE - A RESCUE... This boy would be ON THE STREETS in a matter of months if this family wasn't going to get him.  They are snatching him out of the fire and WE NEED TO HELP THEM!!  They adopted TWO OTHER CHILDREN... in two separate adoptions... THIS MAKES THREE ADOPTIONS in less than 2 years!!

The Spitz family adopting Lyla.  THEY ARE STILL NOT FULLY FUNDED!! They too are on their THIRD adoption in less than two years. PLEASE PLEASE - LET'S FINISH WHAT WE STARTED FOR LYLA.

I Love You To The Moon and Back

The Brown family - They are adopting FOUR babes - three of them are in Plevin - which is a really bad place!!  They recently brought back a number of precious treasures and so they really need our help!!  They are hoping to travel SOON so please fill up their bucket!!


The Archer family - They are adopting three babes out of Plevin.  Tom has been there this week meeting the boys and they are in really sad condition!!! PLEASE PRAY AND PLEASE HELP TO GET THESE BOYS OUT.  The Archers brought home two other children last year from that same country.


The Hills Family considers themselves serial adopters and I would definitely agree!!  They are adopting Abbie and Piper after having just adopted so many others I can't keep track!!  They are  getting ready to go meet their girls for the first trip and definitely could use some help!!


Linda Duncan adopting Kolina - She is doing a back to back adoption - will be bringing Molly home first and then will go back and get Kolina.

The DUVALS are going to be doing a back to back adoption process too... They are bringing Judah home first and then will go back and get Alexis.... As you can imagine.... that is going to be a bit tough on the budget!!  WE YELLED LOUDLY FOR ALEXIS TO FIND A FAMILY.... SHE HAS... NOW LET'S SUPPORT THAT FAMILY!!!

  Our son Our daughter


Will you help one??  Two??  Donate to a number of them??  Please?

Donate and let me know.... You just may win a cool MYSTERY prize.


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