Sunday, April 29, 2012

Not One Comment

Yesterday morning early I asked everyone to BLESS the fifteen families.  I then closed the computer and spent the day at a Homeschool book fair selling our BiblioPlan.  

It wasn't until 8:00 pm that I went back to the computer to check the comments on the blog.



No one wrote that they had blessed a family.

I then checked stats to see if ANYONE had read the post.... it had well over 1,000 hits....

I'm human.  I was sad.

I went to bed feeling a bit defeated.  After a LONG two days away - I sure wanted at least one comment... 

I considered just taking a blog break.  I'm tired.  Weary.  A bit exhausted and tomorrow Aaron and I travel up to Shriners.  An all day affair.  

But I promised.  And I can't not keep a promise. I promised to give those 15 families a shout out for FIVE DAYS.  I promised to use the left over Mulligan Stew gifts and a few mystery prizes as a way to encourage donations to those families.  

And the Holy Spirit reminded me in my selfish mini-pity party fit that I can't assume that nothing happened yesterday.  In fact, it could be that all of you guys were SO BUSY BLESSING THOSE FAMILIES that you didn't have time to leave a comment on this blog to let me know!!

So I am yelling again.  A little hoarse and a bit humbled but yelling I am.  

PLEASE BLESS THESE FAMILIES.  In whatever way you can.

Not for me.  But as unto the Lord.  In His name.  For His glory.  

Pick one. Two.  All of them.  Send them scripture.  Pray over them.  Donate to their funds.  Encourage them.  Let them know they are not walking a lonely road.

Let them know we are right there beside them every step of the way.

And if you want to win one of the unnamed prizes - please leave a comment... :)


The Hills Family considers themselves serial adopters and I would definitely agree!!  They are adopting Abbie and Piper after having just adopted so many others I can't keep track!!  They are  getting ready to go meet their girls for the first trip and definitely could use some help!!


Linda Duncan adopting Kolina - She is doing a back to back adoption - will be bringing Molly home first and then will go back and get Kolina.

The DUVALS are going to be doing a back to back adoption process too... They are bringing Judah home first and then will go back and get Alexis.... As you can imagine.... that is going to be a bit tough on the budget!!  WE YELLED LOUDLY FOR ALEXIS TO FIND A FAMILY.... SHE HAS... NOW LET'S SUPPORT THIS FAMILY!!!

  Our son Our daughter

 The Boroughs family is near and dear to my heart.  Their hearts are totally turned toward the orphan.  They have already adopted THREE RR babes and they are now going back to get another treasure.  I can't share her picture on here but SHE IS PRECIOUS!!  Please help them!!

The Saders brought home sweet Melanie less than a year ago and are headed back across the ocean to get Charity.  Oh to see Charity out of that crib and in the arms of her Mama will be sweet to see indeed!!

See the little boy on the far left... THAT IS KOLE... He isn't home yet but his two brothers are... The little on the far right is GABE... Last year we YELLED AND YELLED FOR GABE and the House family raised their hands and  chose Gabe and then chose Levi.... but they are NOT DONE.  They are going back for Kole.  PLEASE HELP THEM!!
Blessings & Brothers

The Rogers family just barely got their bags unpacked from bringing home TWO RR treasures before they raised their hands to go back again... THEY ARE THE FAMILY GETTING BERNADETTE AND MASON!! How can we not support them??  We screamed LOUDLY for someone to cross the ocean and they RAISED THEIR HANDS HIGH!  Please drop some funds in their bucket to help them!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - They have so much left to raise!!  Plus, I am so excited to think that these two precious treasures are going to be living in MY STATE!!


See this precious little girl??? This is Mayah and her Mama and Papa set out to get her last year but the laws changed and when they crossed the ocean they could only bring her sister home.  But now the laws have changed again and even though they JUST CAME HOME they are going right back to get her!!  We can't stand by and let the Hogelands do this on their own!!! SUPPORT THEM IN THEIR ENDEAVOR TO BRING HOME MAYAH!!

And my Dear Spencer... the Jim family adopting him just came home from adopting Vika but they heeded the call to go back so back they will go!!  I will be forever grateful to them for adopting our sweet Spencer!!  Don't Spencer and Vika look like they belong together??? WE YELLED AND YELLED FOR SPENCER TO FIND A FAMILY... NOW LET'S FINISH THE JOB!!

RENEE and ALAN are adopting Maxwell...after just coming back from adopting Emma!!  If they can figure out how... they may try to bring home more than just Maxwell so PLEASE GO HELP THEM OUT!!  It is because of their yelling that a whole host of kids have families (Bernadette, Alexis, Sam, Duncan etc) so let's support their journey back across that ocean!!

Mark and Kristen Westbrook are adopting two very precious treasures.  Aren't they absolutely adorable??  They recently adopted two other treasures.... THAT'S FOUR BABES IN LESS THAN TWO YEARS!!!  

The Mickschl Family is adopting 16 year old Jonathan.  THIS IS PURE AND SIMPLE - A RESCUE... This boy would be ON THE STREETS in a matter of months if this family wasn't going to get him.  They are snatching him out of the fire and WE NEED TO HELP THEM!!  They adopted TWO OTHER CHILDREN... in two separate adoptions... THIS MAKES THREE ADOPTIONS in less than 2 years!!

The Spitz family adopting Lyla.  THEY ARE STILL NOT FULLY FUNDED!! They too are on their THIRD adoption in less than two years. PLEASE PLEASE - LET'S FINISH WHAT WE STARTED FOR LYLA.

I Love You To The Moon and Back

The Brown family - They are adopting FOUR babes - three of them are in Plev*n - which is a really bad place!!  They recently brought back a number of precious treasures and so they really need our help!!  They are hoping to travel SOON so please fill up their bucket!!


The Archer family - They are adopting three babes out of Plev*n.  Tom has been there this week meeting the boys and they are in really sad condition!!! PLEASE PRAY AND PLEASE HELP TO GET THESE BOYS OUT.  The Archers brought home two other children last year from that same country.



Will you help one??  Two??  Donate to a number of them??  Please?

Donate and let me know.... You just may win a cool MYSTERY prize.



  1. Thank you so much. I woke up feeling scared and overwhelmed. This post really reminded me that people care. THANK YOU!

  2. I'm not sure where my previous comment went, so sorry if it shows up twice! Thank you, Julia! We so appreciate your tireless advocacy for the fatherless and for adoptive families! Thank you for walking the lonely road with us! We love you! We know the Lord loves your heart and hard work for those precious ones dearest to Him.
    Love, The Boroughs Family

  3. Julia,
    My husband and I were at my mothers yesterday weeding her flower beds and cutting her shrubs. I came home to put my son down for his hour nap before going back to work at my Moms. During that hour. I went through almost all the 15 families, read their stories and prayed over them in TEARS. Seemed like the Lord just wanted me there for that hour, doing nothing else, but praying. They ARE being prayed for, and not just them, but many of the little children on RR. (like little Heath) Thank you for getting the word out and I am sorry I didn't leave a comment. I am CERTAIN MANY, like me, are going to bed every night in prayer over these families and many others. God is on the MOVE! I will leave comments to the families when i get home from church!

  4. I'm trying to bless the Boroughs family! I'm holding a fundraiser for them with my new business. Praying that there is a great response. Hostess code 19092, so that the Boroughs family gets credit.

  5. I am new toyour blog. I am amazed at the love I here. We can't adopt any more but we can help others. Thanks for letting us know about these families.

  6. I'm afraid that I can't donate but I will pray for all of these wonderful families and their beautiful treasures.

  7. Hi
    I gave to the Rogers family yesterday but I didn't leave a comment as I didn't want to be entered for a prize (due to living on a different continent). Sorry to have contributed to your discouragement and I hope your trip to Shriners goes we'll.
    God Bless.

  8. Not wanting a prize, but I did read the post and prayed over several of the pictures... My computer doesn't always like to let me leave comments...

  9. *hugs* Sending love and prayers your way and to all the families!! I certainly know the need for prayers when it comes to adopting, we are working hard to bring home Sydney and Lucien right now and should be traveling in a few weeks. God Bless you for spreading the word about these families!

  10. Maybe I will speak for more than just myself if I admit that I'm just exhausted. It is one thing to say a somewhat incoherent but honest and fervent prayer and another thing to actually write something intelligible. We are with you, I promise.

  11. So sorry that you feel that way Julie. We all deeply LOVE reading your blog and appreciate all that you do for these wonderful babies. I said a prayer for all of these families. Hoping that they all get to come home to their families very soon.

  12. Do not be discouraged! What you do is amazing, truly, and simply by having blogged about these families and had 1000 hits, you made sure at least as many people were AWARE of them. Many of them, like myself, were praying, but might not have mentioned it. I've been praying for the Pl*ven families for months. I've given to several of them. I have nothing more to give right now, to be honest I was pushing it with the mulligan stew donations, but I'm always, always praying. I follow several of their blogs. I guess I just didn't think it was a remarkable enough thing to warrant leaving a comment... me continuing to do what I always do. If I'd been able to donate again, I might have left a comment. But like you said, just because no one answered audibly didn't mean that no one heard. I suspect there are many others like me, who have been praying and following their stories all along, who just didn't think it was a big enough deal to warrant a comment. But, in any case, here's one comment, just to let you know you are being heard. <3

  13. I am so sorry I didn't see your post yesterday. Amazing families, I will spread the word and pray!

  14. Amazing families, I will spread the word and pray!

  15. Oh Julia, I'm sorry we let you (and God) down - hopefully others were thinking and praying over your requests, too. I could not decide which family I wanted to bless, so have sent $10 to each of them. Praying that God will multiply our gifts to bless these families. And thank you for bringing these families to our notice. God bless you.

    1. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Please read my blog post from this morning and see what God did with your $10 donation!

  16. I was one of the thousand guests to visit. (In fact, my visit may have registered as many more than that, since "right click" did not work on all those links to families, so I kept having to hit the back arrow to get back to this post, which may have registered in your counter as a new hit. So, I might actually be responsible for 15 hits!) I did not donate or leave a comment.

    But your post moved me, very much, as did other things I read in the adoptive blog community yesterday, and I already decided to give. I will be talking with my husband about what I may give to several families--but have to choose my timing, since my husband is a "reluctant husband" ; ) and also we have family visiting from out of towm. I wanted to tell you this today so you would remember that Saturdays are not good days for people to sit down at their computers! Don't be discouraged until Tuesday at the soonest, which is when you can be sure your post was read and passed around. ; )

    BUT I also feel like the Holy Spirit is prompting me to tell you:
    --Do not be heavy hearted at what other people do or do not do to respond to these orphans today. God told you to advocate--and you are being His good and faithful servant by obeying. God did not tell you to raise all the funds these families need, or to feel responsible for them or for the other children you know who are waiting. He has given you a very specific job, and you are doing it well--let the Holy Spirit do His good work in your heart to give you peace about your role. And then let the Holy Spirit do His good work in the hearts of those who are reading your blog posts. God is doing a mighty work in the hearts of his people regarding His orphans--I am so thankful bloggers like you are part of it! But He is moving, He is turning hearts, He is overcoming obstacles--He is faithful, and you can trust in His plan.

    Thank you for advocating, for blogging, for making it easy for readers like me to see needs, have specific faces and stories to show husbands ; ), and to "find" those people who might be blessed the most by what little I have to give. It is working.

    much love from CA,


  17. Julia, Your posts are always thought-provoking and inspirational, and yesterday was no exception. Sometimes I don't act immediately, but will come back after some thought and prayer, and a few extra minutes, like I am doing now. I don't need 'prizes' in my house, so I don't usually leave comments. Plus, sometimes the computers/web don't make it easy to leave comments! But, I can see how they can be motivating for a blogger like you. Please continue with your very worthy ministry. God Bless You.

  18. Hi Julia - thank you for advocating for families like these above. They are amazing and are laying it all on the line to help children have families. They are being Jesus to the least of these and rescuing them from endless days tied to cribs without a touch or a word. Bless you and bless them! I donated (wish I could to all) to the Brown family (they have long been an inspiration to me! - I've followed their blog over the years!). Blessings to each of these families for their faith and love! Julie

  19. Was away from the computer yesterday. Amazing families & amazing kids! I just gave a little something to "Mayah" through RR. Thanks Julia, for spreading the word and helping these kids to come home :)

  20. Money is a bit tight just now, but my mother's cheese biscuit recipe will be sent to anyone who wants to use it for a bakesale or yardsale adoption-related fundraising - just be sure to title it "Laura's Cheese Biscuits"! I can be reached by PM on the RR forum (not the disappearing Yahoo one, and I'm not on Facebook), and will email it to anyone who would like it. It's quick and easy, sugarfree, crunchy, cheesy and delicious, and has only four ingredients.

    Plus, there's my grandmother's banana bread recipe as well - just call it "Grandmother Susie's Banana Bread". Just let me know!

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE

  21. I am not one of the 1,000's who visited. Just found this post on FB. I totally understand the feeling "human" and sad. I am doing a ipad2 Fundraiser/Giveaway on my blog...not for adoption or orphans, but to raise the money to travel to be with my Mom. I too, was hurt and saddened and quite frankly, shocked at the lack of response. I am all about advocating and giving to help families bring their children home. I made a decision to donate my monthly Tithe to different families and I do it every month. And, I do it with much love. So I was a bit hurt when there was so little response. I personally was hoping that the ipad would go to a family that could turn around and use it in their own fundraiser. But, after the feelings of sadness and then anger left me, I knew I had to put it in HIS Hands. That He will provide for me.
    So, my Sweet Friend, know that He sees your heart and knows all that is needed and I know that He will provide every single penny these families need! You put the word out there and there will be responses that you may not see, until every child is at home with their family! I love you, Julia! I look up to you as a Wise and Loving Daughter of the Highest King! I am so happy to call you my Sister! Hugs ~ Jo

  22. Donated a little to Mayah's family :)
    Sarah, adopting Caroline ("Heather" Other Angels)

  23. Donated today to the Boroughs. I visited yesterday but didn't comment or donate then. I would be happy to be entered for a prize, but that isn't why I am commenting.

    Please be encouraged!!!

  24. I say this not for a prize, but to encourage you, that we did donate to one (or two?) after your first post about these families. Sorry that I forgot to comment afterward! Will go do another one now.

  25. I pulled it up and then was out of the house all day. I feel you though. Maybe some dont leave comments, I dont always. God will provide but I am feeling so angry today. I am angry that the church refuses to rise up and care for the widows orphans and fatherless. I am angry that people make excuses as to why they cant do this or this or this. I am angry that it is people like you and a handful of others worrying and carrying the burden that should be shared by all. It is not fair! When I hear a pastor ask for money for fancy new stuff and then refuse to have an orphans ministry it pisses me off!! We are trying to bring home 2 from Pleven and our church says thats nice but we dont support adoption then asks us to support a bunch of youth to go to camp. 32,000. was given today by our church to send kids to summer camp. God help us.
    I am just so angry.

    Be blessed

  26. Ian and amp amp Ruby,

    Thank you so much for your donation! It is so encouraging to have support and it really means alot to all of us adoptive families. Thank you all for your prayers and thank you Julia for remembering us!!!

  27. I'm shocked about the zero comments but then perhaps many are like me....
    I read your post and read up on almost all the families (which took quite a while of grabbing a few minutes here and there on the computer). After all that though, I couldn't decide who to give to. I don't have much to give this month so spreading it around wont' really work. Still thinking about which family, and I imagine many others that read your post are still reading through the featured families' blogs or just having trouble deciding where to send there money as well.

  28. Another awesome family is Caroline's family! They first saw her face in 2010 but with the new rules she wasn't available, and now finally she is!!

    You've got a big heart Julia. I adore you for it!

  29. you might want to mention to these families that we just had a fundraiser with dutch mill bulbs and it was super easy and you get a 50 percent profit no matter how much you sell I sold 800 dollars worth so we made 400. So if you have a lot of kids or church family you might be able to sell more. Anyways just saying'. I'm off to encourage some families now. Amanda

  30. For me this is my first chance to read over my friends' blogs. Julia you continue to not only educate me but inspire me as well. Each night I pray for all families adopting as I know how much prayers have helped me. It makes me smile to know there are so many of us families answering God's call to adoption more than one time!

  31. Julia, read my blog post from this morning and be encouraged!! Your post, the prayers, the $10 and the prayers for it to be mulitplied were heard!! Mountains are being moved! Don't stop what your doing! And those who are praying, please keep praying!

  32. I'm sorry I didn't open my computer yesterday. I read this post now, prayed for all of the families and donated to 2. Don't be discouraged. Love//Anna

  33. Donated to the House family.

  34. I donate to who I can, when I can. I pray for them ALL!!! I would love to one day adopt myself, but the Lord has not lead me to that yet. I do check your blog and there is always something inspirational and more babies yet to pray for. IF all I do is pray I know the Lord hears are prayers and will use every willing person to move mountains for these orphans. You are doing your part. Be proud, not discouraged. The daily scripture I found that helped me today was:
    Do you look to Jesus the Good Shepherd, to receive the strength and courage you need to live and serve as his disciple?

    "Lord Jesus, you always lead me in the way of peace and safety. May I never doubt your care nor stray from your ways. Keep me safe in the shelter of your presence."

    Psalm 42:1-2 and 43:3-4

    You are doing the Lords bidding. Have faith that he will do the rest. God Bless.

  35. Hi Julia
    It's hard not to be discouraged when we don't get feedback. I am one who read your post, prayed for each family and gave a donation to Mayah's fund.

    You do an awesome job advocating. Thanks.

  36. I prayed for each family tonight.


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!